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NATO: Big military build-up on Russia-Ukraine border

U.S. begins training Ukrainian guardsmen despite Russia's concerns

US, Ukraine start military training, defying Russian fury

The wild card in Venezuela: Armed Chavistas

France's Le Pen: Eurosceptics to block EU-US trade pact

Miners rally in favor of separatists in eastern Ukraine

Suspect in Jewish museum killings went to Syria

D-Day anniversary events around US and abroad

'Band of Brothers' unit returns from last mission

Correction: Obit-Schwarzkopf story

Putin puts troops in western Russia on alert in drill

US military to send tanks to E. Europe for drills

Obama to deliver warning to Putin on NATO's frontier with Russia

Twenty-one Alaska soldiers exposed to carbon monoxide

Obama notes Australian support in IS fight

Germany starts training 32 Kurdish fighters

New jihad appeal makes policing even harder

Ukraine leader: No talks with 'terrorists' after Donetsk battle

Soldier killed as Israel bombs Syria army after Golan attack

Paris terror arsenal: Kalashnikovs, rocket launcher, grenade

U.S. military trainers in Ukraine may destabilise situation - Kremlin

Child soldiers patrol C. African Republic capital

Ex-Guatemala strongman on trial after 30 years

101st seeking to save 'Band of Brothers' regiment

Africa's fight on rhino, elephant poachers aided

War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths

Russian defence ministry denies sending troops into Ukraine

Russian Columns Enter Ukraine, Obama Lays Blame

U.S. paratroopers arrive in Poland

East Ukraine city largely calm after battle, rebels seek Russian help

Analysis - Ukraine crisis forces U.S. to bolster Europe forces

D-Day Paratrooper: 'It's Always There'

US D-Day paratrooper, 93, to jump again for anniversary

German minister in Iraq for talks with Kurds

Military chopper crash kills 16 in Vietnam capital

Ukrainian paratroopers, fighter jets prep for exercises

US paratrooper recalls D-Day

Battle at Donetsk airport new Ukraine leader says no talks with...

Charlie Hebdo shootings Europe's latest deadly terror attack

AP PHOTOS: For Israeli teens, military is rite of passage

Russia holds biggest war games in decades

Americans gather to honor fallen service members

Intel dilemma in Boston, London, Paris attacks

DNA, video led to arrest in French soldier attack

Desert Storm commander Norman Schwarzkopf dies

French troops meeting tough resistance in C.Africa

Edward Heffron, of WWII's 'Band of Brothers,' dies

S. Korea scrutinising North's military after Kim Jong-Un visits

US trained Alaskans as secret 'stay-behind agents'

Obama: US troops will have no combat mission in Iraq

Ukraine crisis will be 'game changer' for NATO

Miners rally in favor of separatists in eastern Ukraine

82nd Airborne paratrooper killed during training

First troops land in Poland as US beefs up Baltic presence

Father, son lead Army unit 4 decades apart

Ukraine crisis forces US to bolster Europe forces

US values collided in Bergdahl's predicament

A giant leap - from a plane - for Kentucky governor hopeful

American, Russian leave Earth this week for year in space

What to pack for year in space? A 'superhero utility belt'

U.K. Paratroopers and U.S. Marines hold large-scale military exercises in...

US vet detained in NKorea oversaw guerrilla group

War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths

AP WAS THERE, 1944: Allies win footholds in France

US air power on display at Philippines war games

Ukraine leader: No talks with 'terrorists' after Donetsk battle