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Israel condemns Geneva conference on Palestinians rights

Israel's Lieberman says hopes Palestinians return to talks

Palestinians say to press UN vote despite US veto warning

Israel carries out airstrike on Hamas site in Gaza

Palestinians to press ahead with UN resolution

Three Israelis charged with torching Jerusalem Arab-Jewish school

2014 frustrates US hopes for Israeli-Palestinian peace

Palestinians throw stones, injure Israeli boy

Israel raps Palestinian UN draft as 'gimmick'

US renews elusive push for Mideast peace

Egypt to reopen Gaza crossing Sunday

Geneva Conventions invoke rights of Palestinians

Palestinian leader supports more talks on UN bid

Tired of talks and under pressure, Palestinians turn to UN

Netanyahu, Kerry Talk Tactics as Palestinians Plan UN Appeal

Palestinians Seek End-of-occupation Vote at UN

Israel parliament gives $3 mn to settler tourism plan

EU court strikes Hamas from terror blacklist

Netanyahu years continue surge in settlements

Under Abbas, majority say they can't speak freely

Journalist murders in Syria a shocking new trend: press freedom report

Journalist murders in Syria a shocking new trend - press freedom report

EU lawmakers stop short of Palestine recognition vote

Israel arrests 10 in anti-Arab extremist swoop

2016 hopeful Ben Carson pledges support for Israel

One in 500 people living with no nationality: report

Pope played crucial role in US-Cuba rapprochement

Cuba coup for pope with the popular touch

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers

Hungary is new hot spot on migrant route into EU

Israel to face new condemnation for settlements

Israel to build 942 more homes in east Jerusalem

Analysis: Israel-Hamas: a clash waiting to happen

Rocket Attack From Gaza Strip Kills 3 Israelis

Hamas links truce to end of Gaza border blockade

Israeli offensive in Gaza was years in the making

Israel-Hamas cease-fire remains elusive

Secretary of State Clinton Going to Mideast

Palestinian protests turn violent in West Bank

Lull in fighting between Israel, Gaza militants

Storm leaves Gaza man dead, Jerusalem snowed in

Israel vote presents diplomatic, domestic choices