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European Union receives Nobel Peace Prize

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40 years after revolution, Portugal is angry

EU calls on France, Greece to stick to reforms

ECB leaves questions about stimulus size

Latvians seen re-electing center right, Russia overshadows poll

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Independence drive falters for Spain's Catalonia

France tells Germany it will slash deficit

Greek PM presses for deal on loan

Greeks brace for more pain

German minister rejects more time for Greece

Australian conservatives deliver 'repair' budget

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Wine exports hit by Chinese austerity

Fitch hikes Ireland's credit rating

Euro zone ministers upset by broken French budget promises

Spanish medics blame budget cuts for Ebola infection

Ryanair scraps bag check-in fees for business travellers

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Greek PM pleads for some slack in latest EU/IMF inspection

German Election: Live Report

Strikes hit Greece, Portugal over eurozone austerity cuts

20 years after Maastricht, EU in quest for new Big Idea

Cyprus economy 'to shrink 20% before recovering in 2017'

Pope urges Italy to find houses for all families

Social unease builds in Italy with anti-austerity demos

Greek recession eases to 2.6% in fourth quarter

New Italian premier urges EU to focus on growth

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Greek bailout talk ruffles German election

Market relief as Portugal defuses political crisis

Finland to curb austerity as recession, political fallout bite

In China, brutality yields confessions of graft

EU's incoming economic chief Moscovici ready to fine France if necessary

US futures rise with Greek deal in the works

Greek PM meets austerity inspectors on new cuts

Venezuela's president calls for higher gas prices

Greek coalition defeats no-confidence motion

Britain needs £25bn of cuts after election: Osborne

Greek economy likely to shrink 3 percent in third quarter - finance...

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Spain raises growth outlook, plans tax cuts

Comic's protest movement shakes up Italy election

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EU predicts eurozone recession to continue in 2013