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House Rules builds credible numbers

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Modern dogs descended from European wolves: study

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State Of Origin tops 2.4 million viewers

Review: Eros, gender roles turn at novel's heart

The Voice regains top spot in TV ratings

Nine delivers TV ratings blow to Seven

X Factor and Amazing Race ratings fall

Markets move on rate rise talks

The Voice hits a season low but still wins

Secrets & Lies flops in TV ratings

The Code launches in top 10

Big Brother pulls surprise eviction

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Big Bang Theory popular, Big Brother fails to hit the mark

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B1 and B2 put to bed

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My Kitchen Rules makes ground on The Voice

Voice, MKR top ratings again

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Ronaldo center stage as Champions League resumes

WA duo Bird, Phillips win canoe title

Nine News more popular than Dancing series

Seven Network has seven shows in top 10

Brain plays mind games in the TV ratings

Politics powers ABC into the top 10

X Factor still has it while Homeland falls

Howzat! Ashes stumps rivals in ratings

Seven still ahead in ratings

X Factor shines for second night

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MasterChef reheats in the ratings

Calm before TV ratings storm

Hugh Jackman a winner on Nine

BBL TV ratings hit A-League for six

The Big Bang goes bust on TV ratings

Animals more interesting than humans on TV

NRL delivers record ratings for Nine