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Egypt sentences four Muslim Brotherhood members to death

Egypt got $23 billion in aid from Gulf in 18 months - minister

New Saudi king meets Turkey leader amid thaw in relations

Egypt court sentences top Brotherhood leader to life

Egypt puts over 200 on trial, accused of militant activity

New Pompidou museum chief in French nepotism row

Egypt parliamentary poll looks set for delay after court ruling

Egypt courts list Hamas as terrorist group, give Brotherhood leader life

Obama criticizes Ferguson as city seeks settlement over racial bias

Emirates forges special relationship with el-Sissi's Egypt

Egypt's el-Sissi replaces interior minister in reshuffle

Egyptian court declares Hamas a 'terrorist' group

Silence in Egypt over police abuses amid "war on terror"

Euro zone rebuffs Spanish talk of new Greek bailout

Gas production cut on earthquake fears

Greeks still hope for change despite government's stumble

Greece poised for recession as uncertainty takes its toll

AP Interview: Greece's repayments to ECB need discussion

GOP contenders push for military action against ISIS

Ouster of IRS official isn't ending investigations

'Not an election budget', state goes further into debt

Report: New scandal hits US college sports program

Poll shows favorable views of EU in sharp decline

EU to shift bill for bank failures to creditors

Fitch upgrades Greece's credit rating

Geneva auction sells huge diamond for $26.7M

Budget finds right balance, Swan says

NBN debate turns into slanging match

Greece faces slow, jobless recovery next year

Tale of Mexican drug violence rattles Cannes

Prominent youth activist detained in Egypt

Anti-militias protesters attacked in Libya

Syria blames Internet outage on technical problem

Brotherhood members face torture charge in Egypt

Govt to deliver on schools, NDIS in budget

Italian policemen shot near new gov't swearing-in

Pope faces tough decisions as Vatican reforms loom

Greece sticks with austerity, seeks debt relief

After violence, Egypt opposition presses Morsi

Greece, Germany bicker over war reparations issue

Afghan women in Kabul prison over 'moral' crimes

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

Spain slashes forecasts and delays deficit targets

Pope leads pep rally at Vatican, meets with Merkel

France's Hollande visits Japan to push nuke ties

Qld budget good for long term: business

French finance chief hails easing off austerity

Egypt's Christians celebrate Coptic Easter

Economic crisis sets back peace in divided Cyprus

New Italian premier urges EU to focus on growth

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

IMF: Egypt's financial situation deteriorating

Germany says Obama to visit Berlin in June

NCAA, Emmert face tough agenda at board meeting

Aussie banks performing better than peers

Azarenka loses cool at Madrid Open, Nadal rolls on

Italy parliament fails again to tap president

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Napolitano re-elected Italy's president

Egypt's Morsi to reshuffle Cabinet amid turmoil

Sochi unveils medals for 2014 Winter Olympics

Ugandan police end seizure of daily after 10 days

Protesters block streets around ECB

IMF urges Germany to keep spending amid low growth

Merkel faces attacks over cost of election pledges

South Australian pre-budget announcements target training and police

A look back at some major CEO flameouts

Estonia operetta lyricizes economic austerity

UK in dark mood as new recession may be confirmed