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Nepal opposition protests against pushed-through constitution

Sudanese opposition to withdraw from failing dialogue

Opposition turns violent inside Nepal parliament

AP PHOTOS: Faces of voters ahead of key Greece elections

Bangladesh arrests 7,015 opposition activists over unrest

EU suspends some aid to Guyana over parliament suspension

Anti-austerity party sees itself leading Spanish opposition

In victory for Widodo, Indonesia parliament backs direct regional vote

Ahead of vote, UK's opposition Labour gets lowest poll score since 2010

Nepal's Maoist chief sorry for parliament brawl

Syriza pledges 300,000 new jobs, higher wages before Greek vote

Zambian police tear-gas opposition supporters after poll

Syriza Pledges 300,000 New Jobs, Higher Wages Before Greek Vote

Bangladesh ends confinement of opposition leader Zia

Congo Senate bows to protests, drops reforms

Haiti leader, ruling without parliament, gets new Cabinet

Asia Week Ahead: Markets await Greece vote

IMF's Lagarde says euro zone exit would be 'devastating' for Greece

UN warns Burundi over elections

Protests in Nepal after opposition Maoists call for strike

Portuguese parliament votes against gay couples adopting

Nepal PM blames Maoists for missed constitution deadline

Greek election battle in final days with Syriza maintaining lead

Nepal's Maoist chief warns of 'conflict' over charter

Greek Election Battle in Final Days With Syriza Maintaining Lead

Mozambique's new cabinet angers former rebels

Ahead of vote, Labour gets lowest poll score since 2010

Anti-bailout Syriza extends poll lead as Greece's election day nears

Bangladesh shuts down messaging services to quell violence

Burundi opposition radio boss arrested over Italian nuns' murder

Police crack down on anti-Kabila demo in DR Congo

Thousands protest in Kosovo, demand Serb minister be fired

Four dead as anti-Kabila demo quashed in DR Congo