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Nicaragua's Canal

Today in History

Sea Shepherd ship conducts citizen's arrest on Nigerian-flagged fishing...

November global temps dip, Earth still nears heat record

Denmark to claim slice of continental shelf in Arctic Ocean

Man drowns at Brunswick Heads beach

SpaceX to try to 'precision-land' rocket in ocean

Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 felt as 'far away as SA' 10-year anniversary...

Scientists make strides in tsunami warning since 2004

Central Park cuteness: Manhattan zoo exhibits 2 harbor seals

Rich fun on a low budget: South Beach side streets

Sydney to Hobart: Supermaxi Comanche preparing for first ever ocean race...

Endangered leatherback sea turtle spotted in Port Phillip Bay

Eight-year Venus probe ends after it runs out of fuel

Sea Shepherd confronts illegal Antarctic poaching vessel

Indonesia volcano erupts, injuring 4 1 missing

Remembering tsunami: One man's agony on Thai beach

China MH370 families protest for information on missing plane

Man sentenced to life for murder of former partner

Hundreds of migrants scramble to cross razor wire fence into Spain

Remembering tsunami: Bodies, debris and silence

2004 tsunami: A crying boy with a piece of bread

2004 tsunami: Horror of 'colorful mess' revealed

Lives of danger, poverty on Philippines' typhoon coast

Russian sailors leave French port, Mistral deal still uncertain

Denmark claims potentially energy-rich Arctic waters

China to set up satellite, radar network to strengthen maritime power

Madagascar reconciliation bid secures political prisoner release

Tsunami: Scenes of grief, viewed from van of death

Study: Alcatraz inmates could have survived escape

Remembering tsunami: Too many bodies to bury

Ivory Coast's long-awaited toll bridge opens to traffic

10 years on, where did all the tsunami debris go?