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UK government pledges more powers for Wales as devolution debate rumbles on

Thatcher, even in death, divides world opinion

Today in History for May 4th

Thatcher had troubled relations with UK sports

Even in death, Thatcher draws scorn from some

G8 exposes rift among leaders on Syria

French artist Laure Prouvost wins Britain's Turner prize

Northern Ireland talks end without deal

Smashing the glass ceiling at a Paris 'palace' hotel

Commonwealth Games fails to give Scottish nationalists a lift

Bomb found in Dublin hours before Giro stage

Irish coalition suffers local poll setback as Sinn Fein surges

Europe's far-right softens image for elections

Sinn Fein leader held for second day in IRA killing

Gerry Adams 'received death threat' after release

Sinn Fein poised for Irish poll success amid Adams murder probe

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams urges calm after release

Not just St. Patrick: Ireland home to many saints

Xi Jinping: Man of the people, or careful image builder?

PM begs Scots not to break up 'family of nations'

Rehabilitation of WW1 veterans rekindles old conflicts in Ireland

Rehabilitation of WW1 veterans rekindles old conflicts in Ireland

UK blames Assad regime after watchdog documents chlorine attacks

Former Irish prime minister Albert Reynolds dies, RTE says

TV debate victory might not boost Scottish independence leader

Speaking in tongues: China divided over the common language

Nobel laureate Ahtisaari to assist Sri Lanka war crimes probe: UN

London mayor offers to be blasted by water cannon

Scotland says 'No'

Special Report: Scotland stays in UK, but Britain faces change

Former Northern Irish leader Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Protestant firebrand Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Ian Paisley, former Northern Ireland first minister, dies at 88

Sinn Fein level with Irish PM's party ahead of by-election

Thousands of health workers in Britain strike over pay

Sinn Fein figure arrested over widow's '72 killing

Osborne set to concede missed budget goal as election nears

Thai media giants eye Bolton takeover - reports

Cameron wants end to Northern Ireland political deadlock this week

Britain misses deficit target but raises growth outlook

UK to allow Northern Ireland to set corporation tax rate - FT

UK's Cameron leaves Northern Ireland without deal to end deadlock