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Prosecutors: Capsized boat captain and crew member arrested

After rescue, a long, agonizing wait for migrants in Italy

Many migrants drawn by jobs, welfare in northern Europe

Europe's security challenges should mean more defense spending: Carter

Suspected Al-Qaeda militants arrested in Italy for Vatican plot

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UN presence in Niger, Sudan can help migrant crisis: Italy

A look at the Mediterranean migrant influx

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State - Spiegel

Iraqi officer under Saddam masterminded rise of Islamic State: Spiegel

Russia defends visit to Norwegian island despite sanctions

Reinforcing homes in Dutch gas extraction quake zone estimated at 30...

Over a dozen migrants killed by train in Macedonia

Italy marks 70th anniversary of anti-Nazi uprising

Hundreds drown off Libya, EU leaders forced to reconsider migrant crisis

Analysis - Barring economic slump, Europe's populists may be peaking

New Urgency in Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Migrants take long, winding road to reach EU gateway Hungary

Truce tenuous as Ukraine leader tackles economy, oligarchs

Napoli hitting form at the right time at home and in Europe

Special Report - British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

Budget cuts pare real-time monitoring of volcanoes

Kerry: US, allies ready to step up aid to rebels

NZ's Test scrum borefest tipped to end

China and Iceland sign free trade agreement

Ferrari to limit sales to boost brand exclusivity

Bilbao and the season that never was

Thatcher, even in death, divides world opinion

Does France have right plan to revive its economy?

When mighty Danube floods, Europe is shaken

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Bulgarian honor bid in DC stirs Holocaust debate

Germany says Obama to visit Berlin in June

Assad accuses West of backing al-Qaida in Syria

Activists: Rebels capture base in central Syria

Report: US footing greater bill for overseas bases

Thatcher had troubled relations with UK sports

Wales beats England 30-3, wins 6 Nations title

Rights groups: Syrian rebels often kill captives

Italy behind rise in eurozone jobless to record

Bradford looking to complete fairytale cup journey

Tuesday's Sports In Brief

Syrian rebels close in on Aleppo airport

Sergio Garcia off to strong start in America

A look at Dijsselbloem, the new 'Mr Euro'

Q&A: Europe's freezing Easter and global warming

Trouble from Cyprus deal could linger for eurozone

Londonderry cops stop IRA mortars in van, arrest 3

Fiat Industrial sees growth from US unit merger

UK police accused of wrongly taking DNA of gay men

Report: Turkey strikes Kurd rebel targets in Iraq

Analysis - New Greek rescue promises euro drama, not crisis

Norway's center-right to start government talks

Obama appeals for backing to hit Syria, Europeans urge delay

Italy minister gets Europe support against racism

Ship capsizes off Italy 114 African migrants die

TV, sponsor deals to drive Man Utd revenue to new heights

Paris-based radio broke shipwreck news to Eritreans

Swiss on alert for mosquito blamed for dengue

UK government to ban herbal stimulant khat

Mali's new president Keita faces Tuareg challenge

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