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American wins prestigious children's peace prize

Former Brown dean whose group won Nobel Prize dies

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Scientists Higgs, Englert given Spanish awards

Speeches, marches honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobel laureates pen open letter to Putin

China puts activists on trial during holiday lull

Malala vows to continue to fight for the rights of children to be educated

Pope urges dialogue in Myanmar at talks with Suu Kyi

Destroying chemical arms outside Syria 'most viable option'

UN: CO2 pollution levels at annual record high

Nobel laureates call for end to nuclear weapons

Sharon Stone honoured for AIDS work at Nobel summit

Supporters nominate Russia's Putin for Nobel Peace Prize

Myanmar's Suu Kyi heads to Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg

Coppola "excited" to receive Japan arts prize

Alice Munro, dubbed Canada's 'Chekhov'

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Chemical arms team begins first Syria mission since Nobel win

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Democracy trumps cash as key to Nobel success

Star-studded party for Israeli president's 90th

Snowden charge 'intimidation': Assange

Obama nominates Furman as top economic adviser

Scrapbooks give peek inside Hemingway's early life

Destroying chemical weapons

Watchdog picks up Nobel Prize, eyes total chemical arms ban

With song and dance, a farewell to Mandela in Soweto

Mandela tributes go into night in Soweto

Experts urge US to measure, pursue our happiness

S. Africa's China ambassador 'compares Mandela to Mao'

Obama heads to South Africa for Mandela memorial

Peres remembers Mandela

Fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu pays tribute to...

Nelson Mandela, 20th century colossus, dies at 95

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