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Sarkozy looks for political comeback in France

France's Sarkozy wants EU to lose half its powers

France's 35-hour week should not be put 'on pedestal': minister

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Insight - France tempers Iran nuclear stance in nod to wider diplomatic...

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Top French lawyer's body found washed up on beach

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Obama and Hollande bust anti-French cliches

Anti-Qatar World Cup campaign blasted as 'racist'

Hirst art, DiCaprio space trip help raise record AIDS funds

Hirst art, DiCaprio space trip help raise record AIDS funds

Far right suffers Dutch surprise as EU vote begins

France's Sarkozy says justice twisted by politics in corruption probe

France's Hollande names new centrist PM after poll rout - source

Segolene return new twist in French political soap opera

French power couple reunites _ at Cabinet table

Fresh setback for Sarkozy as French court rejects diary plea

Sarkozy phone tap scandal backfires on French government

France's ex-president in first public outing since 'Sarkoleaks'

Anger in Italy as EU officials 'laugh at Renzi'

Hollande to pursue reforms despite French local vote thump

Hollande faces host of headaches on return from holiday

Lagarde under investigation in fraud case

Hollande offers conditions for warship delivery to Russia

Third time unlucky for Hollande

France's Sarkozy makes comeback TV appearance

Help for blighted suburbs meets French hostility

Le Pen as President? France thinks the unthinkable

Lawmakers suggest NATO, not Russia, buy French warships

Tina Arena resets with a new national tour

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

France to deliver first warship to Russia despite allies, Ukraine

Sarkozy's war with judges risks hurting French establishment

Sarkozy comeback dream torpedoed by 'political' corruption charges

Sarkozy fights back in face of corruption charges

Sarkozy says would compete for 2017 French presidential nomination

France's Chirac snubs Sarkozy to back rival for 2017 presidential bid

Special report - In foreign hands, British automakers overtake France

Renault launches new phase of Morocco low-cost car plant

European politicians pressured for Qatar to get World Cup - Blatter

Victoria Beckham guest-edits Paris Vogue

European rights court puts France burqa ban in spotlight

Carla Bruni cancels two concerts on North America tour

Sarkozy sees comeback chance in Hollande public and private woes

Poll shows favorable views of EU in sharp decline

Beckham walks off in tears after last home game

Inconsistent allies: France, US mull Syria action

French ex-minister admits lying about bank account

Sarkozy fumes over secret tape treachery

As others mark World War One centenary, Germans prefer to forget

French president's ex-partner Royal joins new government

France's centrist 'top cop' named new PM in reshuffle