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Top U.S. court appears on cusp of declaring right to gay marriage

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1 dead, scores hurt in Bangladesh strike

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Anti-gay laws, attitudes hold sway in many regions

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Pakistan peace talks in crisis after killing of kidnapped soldiers

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Suicide attack on military bus kills five in Kabul

Taliban suicide attack on military bus kills 8 in Kabul

Detroit automakers worry about UAW money struggles

Egypt names new premier ahead of key vote

Thai senate rejects disputed amnesty bill

Bangladesh Islamists say police force halt to blasphemy rally

Taliban kill South African family in Kabul attack

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Bangladesh sentences another top Islamist to death

Arkansas, Mississippi gay marriage bans overturned

Israel Arabs declare nationwide strike after Bedouin deaths

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Hospital crisis stokes anger in Britain pre-election

Power restored at Bangladesh opposition leader's office

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Russia and Red Cross appeal for 'humanitarian ceasefire' in Yemen

Huge French protests as strikes close schools, Eiffel Tower

Thousands join protests, strikes against French cutbacks

Republican divisions may hinder party's momentum

Army sent to north Bangladesh as clashes continue

Politics rule everyday govt in Venezuela

Bangladesh sentences Islamic party leader to death

3 die in Bangladesh opposition clashes with police

Greek dock workers extend strike

Violence hits Bangladesh capital ahead of general strike

Bangladesh opposition confirms poll boycott on deadline day

Mobile phones, social media 'easing disaster impact'

Bomb kills 27 in Syria as US steps up call for peace talks

Elderly ex-minister jailed for Bangladesh genocide

Wave of bombings hit Baghdad as 29 killed nationwide

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Egypt erupts with protests demanding Morsi ouster

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