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British government has 'buried' review into EU ties - MPs

Sarkozy denies far-right Le Pen victory in French polls

Spain's Socialists win Andalusia vote, Podemos third - official data

Turnout in French vote blunts ascent of National Front

Sarkozy party leads in French local elections: exit poll

Spain's Andalusia vote sets stage for national upheaval

French prime minister praises far-right defeat at local vote

Punishment for Spain's Rajoy in regional vote signals tough election year

Vote at Boeing South Carolina plants sets up labor showdown

Scottish nationalists would block second Cameron government - Salmond

Scottish nationalists would block second Cameron government

Far-right party fighting for lead in France's weekend vote

France goes to polls with National Front in ascendancy

Labour Party hopes of clear vote win clouded by Scotland problem - poll

Blatter: 'all parts of FIFA' must help lift credibility

2026 World Cup hosts to be chosen in 2017: FIFA

Defense hawks in U.S. Congress move to boost military budgets

Here's the pitch: House Whip Scalise can play hardball

Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria: sources

Pre-election support for anti-EU party at lowest in over a year - poll

Kansas lawmakers pass nation's 1st ban on abortion procedure

U.S. House committee advances 'threat-sharing' cybersecurity bill

Bad debt pain for Greece's biggest bank

Senate up next after House passes bold conservative budget

Arkansas lawmaker who gave away daughters votes to ban it

With GOP votes, Indiana House OKs religious objection bill

Obama allies recruit top Democrats to promote trade pacts

Israel's Netanyahu apologizes to country's Arab minority

AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear

Scotland's Salmond targets Westminster seat for next nationalist push

South Sudan parliament extends president's term by 3 years

U.S. hopes to wrap up Pacific trade deal, fast-track soon

GOP-controlled House nears vote on budget to erase deficits

Myanmar military to maintain political role, president says

Sanctions threat will not deter counter-attacks: South Sudan president

South Sudan parliament extends president's term by three years

Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria

Israeli Arabs say they feel more excluded after election

State lawmakers pass 1st US ban on abortion procedure

New pro-trade board will sharpen Dems' divide on the issue

My 17 years as president is my manifesto, says Blatter

Burundi ruling party officials ask president to drop third term quest

Arab-Israeli political leaders reject Netanyahu's apology

Arab-Israelis Reject Netanyahu Apology

Gill set to lead 'awkward squad' exposing wrongdoing at FIFA

South Sudan lawmakers extend president's term by 3 years

Sarkozy passes French poll test but has long way to go

Ex-Wisconsin Rep. Kastenmeier, early Vietnam critic, dies

Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Israeli settlements may have already killed two-state bid - U.N.

Sepp Blatter says World Cup can help situation in Ukraine

German officials endorse Hamburg's bid for 2024 Olympics

Tanzania warns of violence in Burundi if president seeks third term

Walker says he has experience to put US on a rightward path