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Madonna denounces rise of far right in Europe

Cameron seeks young vote with pledge of more cheap starter homes

Ireland's Labour Party softens opposition to Aer Lingus sale

After the 'Three Represents,' China pushes 'Four Comprehensives'

5 things to know about Estonia's parliamentary election

Estonian premier aims for coalition talks to create new govt

Nepal demonstrators condemn violent police protest response

On visit to U.S., Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

On visit to U.S., Britain's Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

Tajik leader's party ahead in election, Western monitors cry foul

Norway's minority government tries to shore up fragile alliance

Final results of Lesotho polls reveal no clear winner

Republicans' Homeland Security move called political blunder

With new slogan, Chinese leader sets goals, keeps tradition

Immigration to Britain rises in pre-election blow to Cameron

Maldives opposition to protest until ex-leader freed

China state media seen stepping-up anti-Western rhetoric

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Mugabe holds lavish 91st birthday bash by Victoria Falls

Osborne went too far with claims of EU bill victory, say MPs

UK consumer confidence holds at high level in February

UKIP pledges to end 'mass immigration' as election nears

Mexican ruling party insiders fear embattled president a liability

Russia worry sets tone for Estonia poll

Slovenia allows same-sex couples to marry, adopt children

China questions U.S. threat of U.N. sanctions on South Sudan

Rise of pragmatic Arab politician shakes up Israeli politics

Le Pen woos French farm vote as malaise deepens

GOP 2016 Hopefuls Test Their Messages at CPAC

Ben Carson creates committee to explore presidential bid: WSJ

Mass anti-immigrant rallies in Rome

German Parliament approves Greece's bailout extension

Dems call GOP Homeland Security strategy a political blunder

Britain's UKIP pledges to return immigration levels to 'normality'

Florida's Rubio close to decision about presidential run

Yemen's Hadi says Saleh conspired with Iran to undermine power transfer...

Conservative U.S. activists look warily at a 'squishy' Jeb Bush

Carson launches 2016 exploratory committee

Senator Rand Paul wins straw poll in boost to 2016 presidential prospects

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

Leaders in Asia face jail, arrests _ often due to politics

EU, others: Catch plans for Bluefin tuna threaten recovery

Clashes in Maldives as thousands call for president to quit

Mexico president in crisis is losing support of big business

Bangladesh court upholds arrest warrants against opposition leader

National monument supporters in California get antsy

GOP's Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

GOP contenders push for military action against ISIS

Sudan's Bashir says will quit in 2020 if re-elected president

U.S. spy chief says he got a mixed reception in North Korea

Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee replaces chairman

China says Hong Kong must protect mainland tourists after protests

Zimbabwe's Mugabe celebrates 91st birthday

Bush defends his conservative credentials ahead of CPAC

Lesotho prepares for early vote in bid to ease political crisis

Jeb Bush enters the lion's den, touts conservative credentials

Republicanleaders struggle to show they really are in charge

China lowers growth target, promises to open industries

Boehner defends his U.S. House leadership amid conservative unrest

Lesotho votes in bid to overcome tension

Turkey's Erdogan says high interest rate 'lobby' guilty of treason

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew remains in intensive care, health improves...

UK construction growth unexpectedly surges in February - PMI

Cruz: Make candidates who claim conservatism prove it