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Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Friday

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Bruce Murray, former JPL director, dies at 81

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Pilots challenged by monitoring automated systems

New NASA satellite to begin sun-watching mission

Russian fireball shows meteor risk may be bigger

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Asteroid 2013 TV135 makes close approach to Earth and will return in 2032

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Air Force sends mystery mini-shuttle back to space

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NASA Mars rover begins trek to new destination

Curiosity rover takes first short spin around Mars

Mars rover passes driving test, looks to hit road

Tropical storm stalls NASA launch until Thursday

NASA Dawn spacecraft traveling to dwarf planet

Mars lake may have been friendly to microbes: NASA

Comet ISON heads for a holiday encounter with the sun

US: World in 2013 was 4th hottest on record

2013 another unusually warm year across globe, US says

NASA's MAVEN set for Mars mission launch

Buzz Aldrin: Where were you when I walked on moon?

NASA predicts finding evidence of extraterrestrial life within 20 years

Sea level rise forces US space agency to retreat

'Godzilla' of Earths circles distant star

Opportunity still roving on Mars after a decade

Russian-US crew docks at ISS two days late after technical glitch

Major discovery bolsters Big Bang theory of universe

Millions join satellite search for missing plane

Move asteroids first, then Mars: NASA

Timeline of World Wide Web

Faraway moon mimics Earth tectonics: study

Experts question Nicaragua meteorite reports

First ever Science in ACTion draws crowds in Canberra

Two 'Earth-like' planets don't exist

FAA controllers working exhausting schedules

Mystery of 'jelly doughnut' Martian rock solved

Planetary 'bonanza' as NASA discovers 715 new worlds

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NASA launching robotic explorer to Mars

Indian Mars mission suffers glitch but 'no setback'

Wolf, passionate critic of China, to leave US Congress

NASA's Maven explorer arrives at Mars after year

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Mars' halcyon times may have been fleeting

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Spacecraft for tourists breaks up on test flight

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2014 becoming warmest year on record

Rain could spell trouble for Calif. water conservation

California needs 11 trillion gallons of water: NASA