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Evidence of life on Mars? NASA rover finds methane, organic chemicals

NASA rover finds organic molecules, methane gas on Mars

California needs 11 trillion gallons of water: NASA

Spike seen in methane on Mars, but source unknown

Greenland ice loss may be worse than predicted

Rain could spell trouble for Calif. water conservation

Study: Billions of Earth-size planets in Milky Way

Voyager 1 becomes 1st craft to leave solar system

NASA to probe why Mars lost its atmosphere

South Pole ozone hole slightly smaller this year

China criticises US space agency over 'discrimination'

Curiosity rover to head toward Mars mountain soon

'Companion' Robot Headed to Space Station

India's spacecraft successfully begins journey to Mars

New, temporary radiation belt spotted around Earth

Curiosity rover completes 1st drill into Mars rock

Scientists watch enormous Antarctic iceberg drift

Mars mission scientist Colin Pillinger dies

Space 'makes the heart grow rounder': study

Full lunar eclipse delights Americas, 1st of year

Vast ocean found beneath ice of Saturn moon

Hidden ocean on Saturn's moon bolsters life theory

Obama's budget: Election-year themes to rally Dems

Mysterious source of ozone-depleting chemical baffles NASA

Solar storm heads Earth's way after double sun blasts

Specks returned from space may be alien visitors

Stardust grains may reveal first look at interstellar space

ALMA telescope sizes up Pluto's orbit

Water vapour found at distant Neptune-sized planet

Warming Earth heading for hottest year on record

Methane hot spot in US is three times expected size - study

Half of all stars may lie outside galaxies

Mystery of where Earth's water came from deepens

CSIRO 'cut into the bone' to implement government cuts

Twin NASA spacecraft prepare to crash into moon

NASA Dawn spacecraft traveling to dwarf planet

Tropical storm stalls NASA launch until Thursday

NASA Mars rover begins trek to new destination

NASA's Curiosity rover readying to drill on Mars

FAA controllers working exhausting schedules

'Godzilla' of Earths circles distant star

NASA predicts finding evidence of extraterrestrial life within 20 years

Buzz Aldrin: Where were you when I walked on moon?

Two 'Earth-like' planets don't exist

NASA: Engineer vital to moon landing success dies

Astronomers spot most Earth-like planet yet

Russian-US crew docks at ISS two days late after technical glitch

Move asteroids first, then Mars: NASA

Millions join satellite search for missing plane

Major discovery bolsters Big Bang theory of universe

Faraway moon mimics Earth tectonics: study

NASA's Maven explorer arrives at Mars after year

Rare comet to fly by Mars

First-ever comet material discovered on Earth

NASA launching robotic explorer to Mars

NASA's MAVEN set for Mars mission launch

Asteroid 2013 TV135 makes close approach to Earth and will return in 2032

Wolf, passionate critic of China, to leave US Congress