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Hockey won't support gay marriage

Youngest MP backs gay marriage

Kevin Rudd speaks candidly with students about biggest mistakes as prime...

Hawke could 'broker Gillard, Rudd deal'

Brisbane restaurant owner says he wrote sexist menu mocking Prime Minister...

No alternative to Gillard: Labor MPs

No vote for gay marriage bill before poll

Rudd ignores Latham 'jihad' criticism

Greiner calls for debate on GST

Political stoush threatens Qld rail plan

Govt has strong case for re-election: Rudd

Abbott stretches his lead over Gillard

Rudd would improve Labor chances: poll

Rudd revels in rock star welcome

House sale doesn't mean I'm going: Rudd

Crean scathing of Gillard leadership

Gillard leaves caucus with confident grin

Emerson plays down damning western Sydney poll

Federal Labor will be competitive: Emerson

PM heads to western Sydney as polls dive

PM welcome in Sydney's west, says Bowen

Rudd takes up offer to Skype US students

Howes says AWU backs Gillard

Zygier had no contact with ASIO: Dreyfus

Miners warn Government over tax changes

Labor MPs circulate anti-Rudd email

Gillard dismisses Abbott's early election threat

Forced adoption victims 'disgusted' at Labor spill

Ex Vic union boss joins Katter party

Gillard mum on more Rudd axings

PM remains stately alongside media zoo

Kevin Rudd on overseas speaking tour

Gillard reshuffle rewards loyal supporters

Rudd made us look silly: Crean

Gillard regains preferred PM title: Newspoll

Baillieu, Rudd cases don't compare: Abbott

Liberals elected in landslide victory

Five years on: Rudd marks indigenous apology

Howard thinks Rudd could try again

Abbott warns coalition against arrogance

Upload of swearing video was a crime: Rudd

Ex-MP wants Rudd's blessing to run again

Pyne calls on Gillard to specify deficit

Rudd slams NRA gun advert targeting Obama

Labor refuses to rule Rudd off front bench

Truss cool on Gillard's abuse comments

NZ PM makes Aust day trip to see Abbott

Gillard takes swipe at Rudd's takeover

Election 2013: Kevin Rudd warns of recession due to Coalition budget cuts

Rudd didn't undermine Labor: Bowen

Labor looks to future federal leadership

Election Day live: Australia votes

Costings to come 'very, very soon': Abbott

No surprise rate cut ahead of poll

Palmer Party campaign launched

I've got a lot of time for Rupert: Abbott

Rudd sizzles sausage as campaign nears end

I'm at least 300,000 votes behind: Rudd

Countries accept Rudd no-show at G20: Carr

Kevin Rudd says 'scar tissue' from early political days helped him in wake...

Abbott committing 'fraud' on costings: PM

Bill Shorten confirms tilt for Labor Party leadership, believes ALP can...

Odds shorten on new Labor leader

Next generation should lead Labor: Marles

Swan to hold Lilley and remain backbencher

Seselja, Sheikh in tight Senate contest

Shorten claims Labor caucus support

Man fined over Rudd protest

Former PNG prime minister says Ok Tedi mine profits could be rorted...

Tony Abbott promises to release full list of Coalition spending cuts by...

Young tradies to get boost from Labor

Voting late backfires on Rudd

Protesters add colour to NSW booths

Coalition looks set to hold 90-plus seats