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Indie horror movie 'It Follows' gets wide theater release

Parents of Colorado theater shooter pray for victims daily

DreamWorks' 'Home' bests 'Get Hard' at box office with $54M

'Furious 7' film shows off sharp new Imax laser technology

Prosecutors in Colorado theater massacre case oppose moving trial

Box office: 'Home’ trumps expectations with $54 million debut

U.S. box office: 'Home’ trumps expectations with $54 million debut

'Home' tops 'Get Hard' at box office with $52.1M debut

'Ex-Machina,' 'It Follows' breathe life into stale genres

After actor's death, 'Furious 7' director drives film to finish

Colorado theater shooter's mom feels guilt over his illness

'The Weegee Guide to New York' shows mid-20th century city

Schwarzenegger's back for high-octane 'Terminator: Genisys'

Police on trial: Tears, anger resurge over 2005 French riots

Georgian architecture, hot springs among gems in Bath

FIFA taking the wrong approach to development, says Prince Ali

'The Audience' to be shown in NJ nursing home

'Trek' does $70.6M but falls short of studio hopes

Neil Patrick Harris to return to Broadway _ to act

Second City co-founder brought intellect to comedy

Myanmar jails man for attack that sparked rioting

Downey Jr. 'really Happy to Be Back'

'Gatsby' gives 'Iron Man 3' a run for its money

Denver Post wins Pulitzer for coverage of massacre

Details on the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners

Texas woman self-publishes, hits best-seller lists

China pulls 'Django Unchained' on day of premiere

Actors, others honor Ebert at Chicago theater

Helen Mirren talks royalty and 'Doctor Who'

Old Detroit Schools Making a Comeback

Media companies benefit from higher network fees

Will Downey suit up again after $175M 'IM3' haul?

Buddhist mobs spread fear among Myanmar's Muslims

'Fast 6' drives record-breaking box-office haul

Comedy on Mexico income gap a big screen hit

Is it 'terrorism'? Anatomy of a very murky word

Roger Ebert remembered as acclaimed film critic

'Evil Dead' revival possesses fans with $25.8M

Holmes psychiatrist warned of threat before attack

China's homegrown hit films getting lost overseas

Colo Legislature OKs expansion of firearms checks

New Edward Albee play a Signature highlight

'Veronica Mars' project breaks Kickstarter record

'Oz' again tops box office with $42.2 million

Colorado gun control bills near final passage

Illinois looks to attract international tourists

Ohio students commemorate classmates slain by teen

'Giant Slayer' opens weakly with $27.2 million

McCarthy's 'Identity Thief' tops box office again

Las Vegas seen as dangerous even as crime drops

Mattei takes 'step up' to role in 'Parsifal'

Films to bring art exhibits to cinemas worldwide

Obama's Gun-control Proposal Resonates in Aurora

Bruce Willis: Don't infringe on Second Amendment

Hunters seek to boycott Colorado over gun laws

US hunters begin boycott over Colorado gun laws

'G.I. Joe' sequel back on mission after 3-D delay

'G.I. Joe' commands No. 1 at box office with $41M

Music service Rdio launches Vdio for TV, movies

Director: Film on Egypt's Jews cleared for showing

Disney's 'Oz' granted $79.1M debut at box office

Colorado Senate give final OK to gun control bills

Coca-Cola puts new sweetener in U.K. Sprite

Daniel Radcliffe returns to London stage

Tiffani Thiessen thankful she missed TMZ era

Music world helps Newtown heal following massacre

Afghan boys from nominated film to walk red carpet

'Warm Bodies' heats up box office with $20 million

After shootings, states rethink mental health cuts

Aurora: Lift gag order in theater shooting case

'Zero Dark Thirty' captures No. 1 at box office

Rolin Jones writes a 'big 'ol dumb comedy'

'Dallas Buyers Club' takes homophobic cowboy's AIDS tale to Toronto

Paris fashion is sometimes cruel, always fun

Box Office: 'One Direction: This Is Us' should be no. 1 - but can it touch...

Fox News reporter due in Colorado court over sources in theater shootings

Multitalented Gordon-Levitt kicks it up a notch

Film gives Indonesia view of bloody, obscured past

"Gravity" earns 1.4 million, O'Connor continues Cyrus feud

The real Capt. Phillips gets hero's welcome