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Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Zimbabwe opposition official beaten after asking leader to resign

Zimbabwe opposition leader says party is united again

Zimbabwe PM's party: 2 more staffers arrested

Political rivals vote for Zimbabwe referendum

Zimbabwe rights lawyer to spend 3rd night in jail

Southern African leaders back re-election of Zimbabwe's Mugabe

Zimbabwe president: 'Enemy' tossed like 'garbage'

Zimbabwe's chaotic early voting enters 2nd day

Zimbabwe's Mugabe, 89, sworn in for 5 more years

Zimbabwe opposition withdraws election challenge

Mugabe offers $300,000 for outing of anonymous whistleblower Baba Jukwa

Zimbabwe opposition calls on parliament to expel renegade MPs

Infighting in Zimbabwe's main opposition intensifies

Zimbabwe opposition leader says MDC party united again

Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Black empowerment tops agenda

A look at Zimbabwe's elections

Zimbabwe ambassador rejects assurances after asylum bid

Zimbabwe dismisses envoy's safety fears after asylum bid

Opposition in trouble as Zimbabwe nears political crossroads

Zimbabwe PM won't agree to July elections

Zimbabweans vote in favor of new constitution

Zimbabwe state TV fails to pay workers as debt mounts

African observers signal approval of Zimbabwe vote

Zimbabwe Prime Minister slams poll preparations

Mugabe's wife joins fray over Zimbabwe succession

Tsvangirai battles to retain control of Zimbabwe opposition

Zimbabwe opposition expels anti-Tsvangirai dissidents

Zimbabwe police arrest PM's officials, top lawyer

Zimbabwe groups: election intimidation building

Zimbabwe court to rule on election challenge

Zimbabwe stock market tumbles after disputed poll

Zimbabwe: Disputed poll poses fresh divisions

Zimbabwe opposition glum, resigned to more Mugabe

Zimbabwe ambassador defects to Australia

Zimbabwe ambassador to Australia seeks asylum

MDC faction 'suspends' Tsvangirai as Zimbabwe opposition splits

Zimbabwe's opposition suspends official who asked leader to quit

Petrol bomb attack on home of top Zimbabwe opposition official

Zimbabwe opposition hopes to reboot and challenge Mugabe

Zimbabwe opposition plans demos against Mugabe regime

Zimbabwe's opposition leader presses for action on economy