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UN frets over Maldives tensions

Maldives seeks support for fresh polls

Troubled Maldives holds make-or-break presidential vote

Maldives crisis deepens after third vote blocked

Maldives reschedules presidential vote for November

Maldivian president ends re-election bid

Leaders in Asia face jail, arrests _ often due to politics

Maldives arrests ex-president for his move to arrest judge

Maldives leader asks respect for verdict against opponent

US warns Maldives president after vote blocked

Maldives president leaves country on eve of crucial polls

Ex-strongman's half-brother takes power in Maldives

Abdulla Yameen elected President of Maldives

'Quit' call over Maldives poll halt

Maldives election chaos fuels 'banana republic' fears

Police stop Maldives vote, India 'seriously concerned'

Troubled Maldives in new bid to elect president

Candidate in Maldives election to contest result

Maldives urges support for new presidential vote

Maldives court annuls 1st round presidential vote

After political turmoil, Maldivians go to polls

Maldives president's party set for coalition rule

Maldives holds parliamentary polls despite delay fear

Maldives' ex-president sentenced with 13 years in jail

Police halt Maldives election

Maldives ex-leader demands fresh vote under caretaker

Challenger wants Maldives president to resign

Maldives Supreme Court annuls election results, calls for new presidential...

Maldives pro-opposition TV station set on fire

Maldives reject foreign pressure over vote hold-up

Maldives' ex-leader vows to prosecute opponents

Ousted Nasheed leads in Maldives poll after turmoil

Maldives ousted president faces runoff election

Maldivians finally vote to elect new president

Maldives president will stay on beyond term

Maldives to choose president Saturday after delay

Yameen takes power in Maldives after vote turmoil

Clashes in Maldives as thousands call for president to quit

New Maldives law strips ex-president of party membership

Maldives former president arrested ahead of hearing clashes erupt

U.S., India concerned over 13-year jail sentence for Maldives'...

Maldives ex-president's trial was flawed: U.N. rights chief

Beyond NYC: Other places adapting to climate, too

Maldives crisis fears deepen despite poll announcement

Maldives sets new presidential election for Nov. 9

Maldivian MPs sack attorney general who blocked vote

Maldives presidential revote 'becoming hopeless'

US concerned by delay in Maldives polls

Culture war as the Maldives opens up to backpackers

Maldives president withdraws from revote

Maldives leader appoints niece as foreign minister

Yameen defeats ex-president Nasheed in Maldives run-off

Ex-strongman's brother sworn in as Maldives leader

Maldives vote suspension sparks protests, clashes

Maldives ejected from Commonwealth panel over vote delay

Nasheed faces Maldives run-off after split poll results

China's Xi begins South Asia tour in Maldives