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Yahoo usurps Google in Firefox search deal

Firefox browsers switch to Yahoo for online search

Firefox browsers switch to Yahoo for online search

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Smartphone makers dial up growth in India

US software firm Adobe to shut China research branch

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Microsoft brings Office to iPhone, but not tablets

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Google's interactions with federal regulators

Tech giants battle for control of the car

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Bitstrips amuses, annoys as its comics go viral

Phone makers look to emerging markets for growth

Mozilla announces first Firefox OS tablet

Pinterest intros more user-friendly mobile website

Windows 8 updates expected at Microsoft conference

New Apple software brings Macs and iPhones closer

Mobile Internet shakes up stodgy China industries

Google's top Android exec unexpectedly steps down

Google's products dig deeper into people's lives

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UCWeb buy may raise Alibaba IPO valuation: UCWeb CEO

China's Alibaba opens US shopping website

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Alibaba to buy out UCWeb in China's biggest internet merger

Start ups make their mark in Perth

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Opera browser sees central role in Facebook-led

Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks

Alibaba M&A spree to be questioned at Waldorf as IPO kicks off

China's giant online shopping 'crocodile'

BlackBerry rolls out new OS

Mozilla signs on partners in open mobile system push

Ubisoft out to get smartphone users dancing

For Alibaba, a challenge is to turn mobile into money

EU fines Microsoft $733M for breaking browser pact