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Pro-Kurdish party vows to be 'nightmare' for Turkey's Erdogan

UK's Labour rules out informal deal with Scots nationalists after May...

Labour rules out informal deal with Scots nationalists after May election

Five takeaways from Republican hopefuls' New Hampshire event

Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

Kazakhstan goes to polls as president expected to win

Special Report - British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

In Iowa for Faith &amp Freedom, Republican contenders face tricky balance

Analysis - Barring economic slump, Europe's populists may be peaking

UK's Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening

Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening

Arab journalist defiantly accepts Israeli honor

Gay marriage a difficult issue for GOP White House hopefuls

Gay marriage tough issue for Republican White House hopefuls

Q&A: What's at stake in Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

Afghanistan veteran at Gallipoli dawn service reveals PTSD battle

Five takeaways from GOP hopefuls' New Hampshire happening

Debate over social issues emerges

Bulgarian center-right wins most of the votes

Swan unlikely treasurer in Sept: Windsor

Markey, Gomez win Mass. US Senate primaries

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

Mass. GOP candidate Gomez on his own for now

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Paul says he is considering 2016 presidential bid

Troubled South Africa debates impact of white rule

Paul: GOP faces 'daunting task' with black voters

Like GOP outreach plan, delegate rules divide GOP

Asylum seekers fight return to Afghanistan

Wash. lawmaker pushes amendments to legal pot law

Dayton draws Minn. tax debate into sharper focus

Conservative leader says GOP must broaden appeal

Republicans: Searching for their Mr. or Mrs. Right

Katter's party appoints shadow cabinet outside Qld Parliament

Wash. high court strikes supermajority for taxes

New generation of governors seeking the limelight

PM heads to western Sydney as polls dive

Jackson Jr.'s district has history of corruption

Pelosi: Right to Vote Must Be for All Americans

Unyielding GOP politicians doing what voters ask

NY state sen. arrested in alleged mayor race plot

Tony Windsor opens social media accounts

RNC to spend $10 million to reach minorities

SUPER BOWL WATCH: Katrina, Coin flip bets, Modell

Senate tries again to move anti-violence bill

Calif. lawmakers split on Mickelson's tax comment

Immigration bill splits GOP on national-local line

Republicans face a balancing act on immigration

THE RESET: GOP, Dems hold soul-searching retreats

Poll could still go either way: Abbott

Labor holds on to five out of six SA seats

Guinea ruling party leading in polls: provisional partial results

Australian PM Rudd makes last-ditch plea to voters as polls slip

Coalition cuts aid, jobs to cover budget

A look at Germany's voting system

Merkel, Greens to discuss potential coalition

Immigration splits GOP's national, House interests

Dems pin immigration hopes on GOP's Ryan

Md. nets 27.6 percent more in gambling revenue

Abbott ahead as Rudd calls Sept 7 election

Immigration backers plan push for reform

Senate approves Obama-pick McCarthy to head EPA

Obama rallies faithful ahead of August recess

Newman urges voters against minor parties

National GOP slow to embrace Mass. moderate Gomez

Gay marriage: In states, a hodgepodge lies ahead

Greens looking to hold the seat of Melbourne in September poll

Libs make it not easy being Green

Rudd, Abbott agree on majority govt

Southern states gird for new fight on voter laws

Claims against mayor inflict turmoil on San Diego