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Tunisia announces new minority government without Islamists

UKIP could back Cameron's Conservatives after election - Farage

Davos elite told British EU exit hinges on low-income women

South African Politician Malema Blames ANC for Power Crisis

After 5 years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

After five years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

Myanmar to look into monk 'whore' slur after UN reproach

Myanmar must condemn monk's 'sexist' attack

Sri Lanka's new premier promises Tamils more autonomy

Greek leftist leader Tsipras scores victory over austerity

Greek leftist leader Tsipras claims victory over austerity

Resurgent Scottish nationalists tilt at Labour for Westminster glory

Hospital 'targeted' in Sudan government air raid

Thousands protest in Kosovo, demand Serb minister be fired

Mongol hangs himself in China protest: rights group

Medical charity warns India over patent rules

Aer Lingus considers new IAG bid

Malaysia rejects Church paper's last bid to use 'Allah'

Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia

Israel's Arab parties unite, could help Netanyahu rivals

Myanmar vows probe into teacher deaths

Arrests in China's Xinjiang nearly doubled in 2014: report

Memorial brings recognition to Iran's Jewish 'martyrs'

Billions in Penalties at Issue in BP Trial