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For asylum seekers, a novel (and odd) solution: Cambodia

As protest looms, Cambodia's strongman Hun Sen faces restive, tech-savvy...

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Analysis - Punished at the polls, Cambodia's long-serving PM is smiling...

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China is top dam builder, going where others won't

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SE Asia to ask China to start talks over islands

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Cambodian police fire tear gas to break up protest clashes

Cambodian police and opposition supporters clash, dozens hurt

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Fears over potential Cambodia refugee deal

Australia dismisses 'corrupt' Cambodia concerns

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Group of Thai politicians plan overseas movement to resist coup

Cambodian parties 'near deal' to end stalemate

Cambodia's ruling party promotes PM's sons, top allies

Court hears Khmer Rouge slit prisoner throats, ate organs

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View of Cambodia's fall by one of the few in gov't to escape

Khmer Rouge's Ieng Sary dies amid genocide trial

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Japan PM visits Cambodia, Laos to top off ASEAN tour

Trial of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge leaders nears end

Cambodian opposition rallies for second day after protest death

Cambodia's Hun Sen meets opposition leader

Analysis: Punished at the polls, Cambodia's long-serving PM is smiling...

As protest looms, Cambodia's strongman Hun Sen faces restive, tech-savvy...

Cambodian opposition makes gains in elections

4 dead after Cambodian police fire on protesters

Cambodian opposition chief undaunted by threats

Thousands rally in Cambodia demanding PM step down

Thousands rally as Cambodian opposition demand new poll

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Cambodia defends bloody protest crackdown

PM Gillard flies into rights debate

Crisis-hit Cambodia at a 'crossroads': UN envoy

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Mass grave raises ghosts from the past

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Asia's old communities vanishing amid rapid growth

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Thai military government looks to neighbours for support

Thai junta vows to arrest illegal migrant workers

Cambodia will take only 'voluntary' refugees