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South Korea's prime minister offers to quit amid bribery scandal

Malaysia's Mahathir says 1MDB funds vanished, demands PM resign

Drone Found on Roof of Japanese PM's Office

Tension, frustration over Greek talks

French deficit plan poses legal problem, but nominal targets key -...

Japan ministers' war shrine visit irks China after Abe talks

South Korea's prime minister offers to resign amid scandal

Drone found on roof of Japanese prime minister's office

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Poland to build missile defense with US

Greece won't present reform list at Riga, top Eurogroup official says

China's Xi Jinping arrives in Islamabad

New Zealand Prime Minister apologizes for ponytail pulling

Russia should face more sanctions if it stokes Ukraine further: UK...

Drone with 'minuscule' quantity of radiation found on Japan PM's office...

Drone with 'minuscule' quantity of radiation found on Japan PM's office...

China's Finance Minister hits at U.S. 'negative list' - Xinhua

Bangladesh's opposition leader attacked at election rally but unhurt

South Africa to deploy army to end anti-immigrant attacks

India's enigmatic Gandhi fires up opposition at farmers rally

Chinese president applauds Pakistan's anti-terror efforts

Euro zone warns Greece no cash till full reform deal

U.S. and Japan narrow gaps substantially in trade talks - U.S. trade...

Massive explosion as air strike hits Scud missile factory in Yemen