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Three Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours: Kiev military

China's military says no modernisation without respect of law

China's military says no modernization without respect of law

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in past 24 hours: source

Three Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours - Kiev military

North Korea, angered by drills, fires missiles off coast

Exclusive: China investigates second top officer for graft - sources

Ukraine's Poroshenko sees 'threat from the east' despite truce

Myanmar military wins rare praise in war with ethnic Chinese rebels

Ukrainian army to start withdrawing heavy weapons in east Ukraine

South Korea condemns missiles fired by North

North Korea steps up verbal threats ahead of US-South Korea military drills

Ukraine military says rebels using truce to regroup

U.S. military's Mosul briefing inaccurate, misguided, Carter says

North Korea angered by U.S.-South Korea military drills, fires missiles...

Ukraine's military says one Ukrainian serviceman killed in past 24 hours

Draft Chinese law paves way for counter-terror operations abroad

Iraqi forces move to retake Saddam's hometown

Kiev reports no combat casualties for second straight day

UAE military buys two Boeing C-17s as part of record IDEX spend

Ukraine's reports significant fall in fighting

China defence budget rise to defy slowing economy

China defense budget rise to defy slowing economy

China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark end of World War Two

China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark World War Two anniversary

Budget cuts will force U.S. to revise defense strategy: Carter

Official says China to boost military budget by 10 percent

Pentagon calls Mosul briefing a mistake by CentCom

New U.S. defense chief presses lawmakers for boost in funding

Argentina prosecutor Julio Cesar Strassera dies at 81

Pence: 'Dramatically increase' defense spending

U.S. begins vetting Syrian rebels for military training - Pentagon

North Korea has power to deter U.S. 'nuclear threat' - foreign minister

China's stealth fighter makes brief appearance in air force film

U.S. Vice President Biden, Iraq's Abadi discuss Tikrit fight

2 vandalism suspects rescued after being stranded on cliff

Airbus Group takes 551 million euro A400M charge

Ukrainians pray for female military pilot jailed in Russia

Iraqi forces blast Islamic State fighters in Tikrit attack

AP ANALYSIS: US on sidelines of key Iraqi battle against IS

Image of Asia: Student march thwarted outside Yangon

Seoul: North Korea test fires 2 short-range missiles

Insight - From eastern flank, Iran-backed force advances on Tikrit

Insight: From eastern flank, Iran-backed force advances on Tikrit

Chad president tells Boko Haram leader to surrender or face death

Exclusive: U.S. Air Force eyes 28 launches, shared investment for next...

Myanmar president hosts rare Suu Kyi talks amid constitution debate

North Dakota missionaries detained in Venezuela return home

Desertions, casualties cut Afghan forces sharply in 2014 - US