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Vaziani military base

Russia carried out snap military drills in Kaliningrad region

US sends mixed message to Myanmar military

Obama says he'll sign government spending bill passed by Congress

438 Egypt Islamists face military trial over violence

Pakistan army chief signs death warrants for six militants

Taliban Gunmen Storm Pakistani School, 126 Dead

Graphic Content: Pakistan shows bloodied interior of school

Forty-eight hour battle for two Syrian bases leaves 180 dead

Steps Pakistan is taking after school massacre

China's Xi says Nanjing Massacre undeniable on 77th anniversary

US won't hand over Marine in transgender murder: Philippines

Iraq government combats 'ghost soldier' corruption

Obama declares 'turning point' for US military

Hamas flies drone over Gaza during anniversary parade

Taliban assault on Pakistan school leaves 141 dead

Islamic State group shoots down Iraqi helicopter

Injured rushed to hospital as Taliban school siege ends

Sri Lankan military plane crash kills four

Pakistan politician survives blast after visiting school attack victims

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

Fighting rages around military airport in Syria

US Senate backs anti-IS spending

US soldier jailed after joining French Foreign Legion

Philippines seeks custody of US Marine charged with murder

Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death for mutiny

Russian arms sales soar on domestic spending

Taliban take hundreds hostage at Pakistani military school, 18 dead

Taliban storm army-run school in Pakistan, three dead

Funerals, Protests Follow Pakistan School Attack

Philippines calls one-month ceasefire with Maoists for Xmas, Pope

Ukraine defence chief wants budget doubled to fight separatists

Pakistan begins painful task of burying its dead after school carnage

S.Korea cancels planned border 'Christmas tree'

Somalia's former prime minister nominated to post again

Ukraine defense chief wants budget doubled to fight separatists

Palestinian attacks Israeli family with acid

Pakistan forces kill 27 militants in northwest: military

After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

Analysis - After Pakistan school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

U.S.-led air strikes focus on Islamic State Kobani in Syria