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Turkey says U.S.-led campaign to train Syria rebels delayed by Washington

US conducting airstrikes to help Iraq retake Tikrit

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq US denies claim

Turmoil in Yemen escalates as Saudi Arabia bombs rebels

US launches drone from aircraft carrier

Think tank seeks to launch drone debate

Think tank seeks to launch drone debate

Crime doubts persist in Brazil ahead of events

Navy launches unmanned aircraft from carrier

Israel grounds drone aircraft fleet after crash

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Afghan troops hold their ground at high cost

China emerging as new force in drone warfare

AP IMPACT: Congress slows military efforts to save

Fighting season is testing ground for Afghan force

Threats of missiles, drones to stop boats

Air Force general: Actions aim to deter NKorea

FAA takes step toward widespread US drone flights

Drone industry worries about privacy backlash

Lawmakers test legal waters for regulating drones

Iran says it successfully sent a monkey into space

Algeria: Army rescues hostages, toll unclear

Japan boosts security near isles in China dispute

US town considers drone hunts to protest spying

Global travel warning: US cites al-Qaida threat

Japan govt paper calls for strengthened military

Obama nominating Comey as FBI director

Iran holds talks with Russia to boost military cooperation

Pakistan struggles in race to develop armed drones

UN launches first surveillance drone in DR Congo

Iraqi PM tells residents to oust militants to avoid assault

US speeds up drone, missile deliveries to aid Iraq

Fears linger at Algeria gas plant year after bloody siege

Give diplomacy a chance, says Obama

US to maintain 35,000 troops in Gulf region

US to fly Rwandan troops to Central Africa Republic

Car bombs, clashes kill 21 civilians in Iraq

Iraq, Syria tests Obama's Mideast logic

Issues involving deaths of 4 US people at Benghazi

US military drones being used over Nigeria

N. Korea vows 'merciless' revenge against S. Korea

Outcry as Nigeria's Jonathan scraps visit to abducted girls' town

US flying drones over Nigeria in hunt for girls

Israel sends experts to help hunt for Nigerian schoolgirls

US deploys troops to Chad to hunt for Nigerian girls

US officials condemn 'slow' Nigeria kidnap response

Nigeria signals readiness to talk to Boko Haram rebels

US deploys first advanced drones to Japan

South Korea has 'smoking gun' proof North sent drones

Nigeria and neighbours to join forces over abducted girls

Malaysian plane saga highlights air defense gaps

Australia to buy U.S. Triton drones to secure Indian Ocean resources

Obama vows 'steady, relentless' campaign on Islamic State

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

US faces intelligence challenge in Syria

Japan showcases island invasion tactics in annual firepower show

APNewsBreak: US ends Philippines anti-terror force

German minister backs weapons-capable drones

US troops in Baghdad to fly Apache helicopters, drones