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Iraqi army launches a military operation in Diyala province

AirAsia recover continues despite military withdrawl

U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes - task force

U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes: task force

U.N. rights chief faults Israel, Palestinians over Gaza war justice

Coalition air raids back up Kurdish advance in Iraq: US

Rights group raps Israel 'policy' of bombing Gaza homes

Honduran president says military crackdown has cut murder rate

Nigerian military warned before major attacks: Amnesty

Putin blames Ukraine's 'criminal orders' for new fighting

AP Interview: Iraq 'sleeper cells' fight Islamic State group

Malaysia Airlines Site Hacked by Group Claiming ISIS Links

Bomb explodes near Turkish delegation in Somalia day before president's...

Indonesia military pulls out of recovery effort for crashed AirAsia jet

Indonesian military calls off AirAsia wreckage recovery

Bishop visits Afghanistan

Boeing's profit soars

Obama to request hike in US military budget

Senators: More special ops troops may be needed in Mideast

Israel ready for Hezbollah retaliation, says defence minister

US drone strikes resume in Yemen despite turmoil

Hezbollah fires missile salvo, killing 2 Israeli soldiers

Chad strongman wins control of regional fight against Boko Haram

Coalition aircraft pound IS in northern Iraq

Spain negotiates permanent US Marines Africa force

'We're going to kill' Iraq militants who attack Canadian troops: PM

Kurdish forces fire into Islamic State-controlled Mosul

Britain to privatise more defence assets pre-May election - minister

Mosul strikes are start of new effort against Islamic State

Saudis seek greater US role in Mideast as Obama visits

Ukraine rebels say government forces pushed back near Donetsk

Ukraine rebels claim new key victory is within grasp

Japan condemns IS execution, demands remaining hostage release

Indonesia search team to float AirAsia fuselage

China-Myanmar crude pipeline opens: Chinese state media

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

First US troops head to Middle East to train Syrian opposition

Yemen upheaval deals blow to US fight against AQAP

Key facts about the US government's loans in Liberia

Nigeria repels suspected Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri city

Iraq coalition tensions emerge in Islamic State fight

South Korea blocks North bid for right of arrest in joint zone

Rebels press Ukraine offensive, Obama promises steps against...

5 things to know about political crisis in Yemen