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U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes: task force

U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State with 25 air strikes - task force

Rebels killed in UN helicopter gunship strike in Mali

Coalition air raids back up Kurdish advance in Iraq: US

Honduran president says military crackdown has cut murder rate

Nearly every U.S. arms program found vulnerable to cyber attacks

Putin blames Ukraine's 'criminal orders' for new fighting

Ukraine says its forces attacked by Russian troops

Bomb explodes near Turkish delegation in Somalia day before president's...

Air Force launches rocket carrying a Navy satellite aloft

Senators: More special ops troops may be needed in Mideast

Israel ready for Hezbollah retaliation, says defence minister

Weakness of Yemen's government undermines US terror fight

Chad strongman wins control of regional fight against Boko Haram

Coalition aircraft pound IS in northern Iraq

Spain negotiates permanent US Marines Africa force

'We're going to kill' Iraq militants who attack Canadian troops: PM

Kurdish forces fire into Islamic State-controlled Mosul

Mosul strikes are start of new effort against Islamic State

Syrian refugees at snowed-in camp long for ceasefire

Japan says looking at all possible ways to free hostages

Japan condemns IS execution, demands remaining hostage release

Indonesia search team to float AirAsia fuselage

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

First US troops head to Middle East to train Syrian opposition

Yemen upheaval deals blow to US fight against AQAP

Nigeria repels suspected Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri city

Iraq coalition tensions emerge in Islamic State fight

Canada special forces clash with IS in Iraq

Rebels press Ukraine offensive, Obama promises steps against...

5 things to know about political crisis in Yemen

5 things to know: Why crisis in Yemen matters to Americans

Boko Haram wages new Nigeria attacks as Kerry visits

Sri Lanka probes deals by ex-president, brothers amid graft concerns

Deadly Israeli strike deals painful blow to Hezbollah, Iran

Japan agonizes over ways to free Islamic State hostages

Talks open in Niger on regional fight against Boko Haram

Libya recalls former general Haftar for army duty

US watching Yemen crisis, no embassy closure ordered

Spain hopes Iran will join fight against Islamic extremism

Hospital 'targeted' in Sudan government air raid

Jail for US teen who wanted to fight in Syria

Syria starts razing chemical weapons sites