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Thousands rally in Lisbon to protest austerity measures

Underwater robot produces first precise map of Antarctic sea ice depth

Disruptions across Belgium as strike hits trains and port

Belgian strike paralyzes Antwerp port

Billboard ranking to include streams, track sales

NSW Government enforces contingency plan for irrigators

Venezuelan leader wraps up 'superpowers' with 28 laws

Dubai leads Mideast gains after stimulus, oil

Mexico's embattled government poised to unveil law and order measures

Latin America applauds Obama's immigration plan

I. Coast police violently break up protest against plastic bag ban

What's QE, anyway? A look at central bank stimulus

Study measures youth attitudes to alcohol

High heels could bring out the best in men: study

RBS admits to data error in European stress test

Austria's Nowotny throws cold water on quick launch of state bond buying

Bootleg alcohol allegedly found during raid on bikie clubhouse

Philly area factories growing by most in 21 years

Greek federation upholds league suspension

French, British banks press EU to revise bank reform plans

'Ferrari of space' yields best ever map of ocean currents

Dairy farmers say they're optimistic thanks to favourable market conditions

U.S. lawmakers plan bill to encourage auto employees to report faulty parts

Obama administration would back sanctions against Venezuela: official

Obama administration would back sanctions against Venezuela - official

French, British banks press EU to revise bank reform plans

Draghi throws ECB door open to money printing as global prospects dim