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"Low-life scum" - Code Pink protesters cause Sen. McCain to see red

John McCain calls protesters 'scum,' tells them to 'shut up'

Protesters scold Kissinger, US senator calls them 'scum'

McCain to protesters: 'Get out of here, you low-life scum'

McCain: 'Get Out of Here You Low-life Scum'

Senators: More special ops troops may be needed in Mideast

Obama leads US dignitaries paying respects in Saudi Arabia

Obama defends U.S. counterterrorism strategy in Yemen

Kissinger Urges U.S. Military Restraint in Mideast and Ukraine

Kissinger urges US military restraint in Mideast and Ukraine

Obama meets new Saudi king to shore up ties

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

Lindsey Graham to test 2016 Republican presidential waters

Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia to pay respects

SC Sen. Lindsey Graham explores 2016 GOP presidential run

Obama tackles IS fight, Iran with new Saudi king

Romney not running: Former GOP nominee out of 2016 race

Mitt Romney bows out of 2016 race after a 3-week test run

Netanyahu defends planned Congress speech as anti-Iran strategy

5 things about Obama's move to protect refuge from drilling

Obama pays respects to Saudis, defends ties to kingdom

Third time no charm: Romney won't run for president

'Red Line' _ US Says Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Crossing a 'red line'? US says Syria used poison

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Advocates criticize Senate immigration bill

Obama eyes higher profile role on immigration

Review chairman: Clinton didn't make Benghazi call

GOP rejects comprehensive approach on immigration

Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way

Sen. McCain makes trip to Syria to visit rebels

Obama Makes Rice His National Security Chief

Obama balances threats against Americans' rights

US market rises on Fed comments

AP sources: US close to OK on arming Syrian rebels

Egypt convicts NGO workers, including 16 Americans

In Menendez's troubles, echoes of past scandals

Hagel's GOP foes signal vote should go on

Footage shows 'torture' at Sydney turkey abattoir

SC's Graham shows limits of tea party intimidation

In trying to sink Hagel, GOP takes aim at Obama

Obama: Immigration bill could pass by summer

Lawmakers urge oversight of drone program

Israelis plan to press Obama to free convicted spy

McCain, Graham warn on CIA nominee vote

A reboot for the National Geographic Channel

Gun Control Bill Clears First Hurdle in Senate

Fox removes Coulter column with McCain reference

White House: Hagel will win Senate confirmation

THE RESET: Guns, immigration topping week's agenda

Senate Dem: GOP request to Hagel extraordinary

US Senators McCain, Whitehouse visit Mali

Raucous debate on immigration to get under way

US missile defense shield to counter NKorea threat