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AFL's Magpies add Didak, Shaw for Lions

Revelers from NYC to Dublin mark St. Patrick's Day

Londonderry cops stop IRA mortars in van, arrest 3

Gerry Adams 'received death threat' after release

Sinn Fein poised for Irish poll success amid Adams murder probe

Northern Ireland firebrand turned peacemaker Ian Paisley dies

Former Northern Irish leader Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Protestant firebrand Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Ian Paisley, former Northern Ireland first minister, dies at 88

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor joining Sinn Fein

Ireland launch 'irresistible' bid for 2023 World Cup

Unlikely fan McGuinness leads Twitter cheers for Ireland

Talks to save Belfast power-sharing overshadow St Pat's Day

Richmond's momentum builds with Hawthorn scalp as GWS beat Melbourne for...

Ireland unites for funeral of ex-premier Reynolds

Northern Ireland police extend Gerry Adams detention in 1972 murder probe

Belfast police seek evidence of Adams' IRA past

Northern Ireland police free Gerry Adams

Century of clashes, compromise between UK, Ireland

Queen hosts Irish president on first UK state visit

UK ex-minister urges amnesty in Northern Ireland conflict

Belfast leaders strike deal to save power-sharing

UK, Irish premiers to join Belfast peace talks

UK leader leaves Belfast peace talks without deal

Protestants attack Belfast cops over blocked march

Talks begin on Northern Ireland power-sharing

Northern Irish government not fit for purpose

Protestant firebrand Ian Paisley dies at 88

Letter bombs found at N Ireland post offices

Adams Northern Ireland arrest is an attempt to undermine peace: McGuinness

Northern Ireland police arrest Gerry Adams over 1972 murder

Sinn Fein's Adams freed after 5 days in custody

All-Ireland bid to host 2023 Rugby World Cup

US official opens new Belfast peace talks

Former Northern Irish unionist leader Ian Paisley dies: party

Ian Paisley: N. Ireland's Dr. No turned Dr. Yes

Northern Irish government not fit for purpose: first minister

Gerry Adams arrest raises tensions in N.Ireland

COPY: Sinn Fein poised for Irish poll success amid Adams murder probe

Catholics, Protestants honor Paisley in Belfast

NIreland leader retreats from anti-Muslim remarks

Ireland greats say farewell to Kyle

Northern Ireland budget crisis threatens tax devolution deal

Obama, lawmakers bring Irish culture to US

UK's Cameron: Northern Ireland to host G-8 summit

Queen tours Belfast jail with former IRA commander McGuinness

Correction: Northern Ireland-Adams Arrested story

Sinn Fein chief detained 3rd day over IRA killing

Northern Ireland rocked by Gerry Adams arrest over 1972 killing

Kittel takes sodden second Giro stage

Drive to solve old crimes rocks fragile Northern Ireland peace

Public praise, private Belfast funeral for Paisley

Ian Paisley - Doctor No who said Yes to peace