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Same-sex weddings in Wash. to begin on Sunday

Many weddings as gay marriage becomes legal in Md.

Maine same-sex couples marry in first hours of law

Gay marriage law goes into effect in Maine

'Sister Wives' lawsuit back in Utah courtroom

Federal court hears 'Sister Wives' lawsuit

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To hero-astronaut Armstrong, moonwalk 'just' a job

Court hearing set over gay marriage ban in Va.

US judge nixes state's same-sex marriage ban

Utah approves winery in town with polygamous sect

Utah to appeal ruling in 'Sister Wives' case

German courts uphold ban on Uber ride-share service

Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada gay couples in legal cases

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Gay marriages off in Vegas after high court order

Gay marriage developments: Alaska couples wait

Alaska will issue marriage licenses to gay couples

Even Supreme Court justices can goof

1 Idaho gay couple gets license, another denied

Supreme Court dodges gay marriage, allowing weddings in five more states

Correction: Gay Marriage-Developments story

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Mass gay wedding in Toronto for 115 couples

Wisconsin judge puts same-sex marriages on hold

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