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Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline, leaving it in limbo

Jindal tells GOP Congress to 'grow a spine' on DHS funding

U.S. conservatives urge Boehner to hold firm on immigration

Democrats caught between Obama, Netanyahu on speech

GOP struggles for way out as Homeland shutdown looms

McConnell says will act on funding bill, immigration separately

Senators work on bipartisan U.S. Export-Import Bank survival plan

Some in GOP say Homeland Security funding lapse no big deal

GOP may need House Dems to help resolve DHS funding impasse

House Republicans to decide on Homeland Security funding

DHS bill exposes holes in GOP's congressional coordination

Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

Obama faces left-right opposition on trade, military force

Homeland Security to stay open as Congress OKs 1-week bill

Republican offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

Both parties face risks as health care law court case nears

House GOP weighs new approach on Homeland Security

Democrats: We must better explain what it means to be a Dem

Big U.S. majority favors mandatory vaccinations: Reuters/Ipsos poll

GOP lawmakers accuse Yellen of playing politics

Wisconsin Senate approves right-to-work bill, sends to state Assembly

States seek alternatives for highway, bridge funding

What happens, and not, in Homeland Security shutdown

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

What happens, and does not, in Homeland shutdown

Some Republican governors back Homeland Security showdown

Governors: No clear plan if health care subsidies fall

Deadline near, deal sets up Homeland Security vote in Senate

AP source: Ohio's Strickland to seek Portman US Senate seat

Arkansas enacts law that opponents say targets gays

Obama begins sales pitch on trade to wary U.S. public

GOP leader offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

GOP ends right-to-work hearing early, enraging unions

Reid to GOP: First Fund Homeland Security

Senate Republican offers plan to avert security funding crisis

Carter says "lasting defeat" of Islamic State will be accomplished.

In early White House maneuvering, Paul avoids predictability

About 2,000 people rally to oppose right-to-work

AP-GfK Poll: Most back Obama plan to raise investment taxes

Affordable Care Act Faces Supreme Court Again

AP-GfK Poll: Most support Obama investment tax hike

Tough choice for US in Afghanistan's Kandahar province

Reid: Terrorists Have Money, Why Shouldn't DHS

Right-to-work court battles look tough for unions

Netanyahu's main challenger to focus on his own security credentials

Obama steps up pitch for trade, exports, targets Democrats

New Defense Secretary hosts U.S. gathering on Islamic State strategy

Obama to governors: DHS shutdown would hurt state economies

Cuban cigar maker eyes 25-30 percent of U.S. market if embargo lifted

President says he's committed to working with governors

Chief justice could again swing Obamacare case in government's favor

New U.S. defense chief hints little change in Islamic State strategy

US looks to aid Syrian refugees amid security concerns

Kerry appears to take swipe at Netanyahu over Iran nuclear talks

Meaning of 4 words at center of high court health law fight

Clinton says she would push for inclusive problem-solving

Obama struggles with Wall Street to woo Democrats over broker rules

Vilsack: Smart phones could tell consumers what's in food

Capitol Hill Buzz: Pelosi teases Reid with dark glasses

Bid for more US defense funds gets chilly House reception

Susan Rice, Samantha Power to address AIPAC meeting

Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations

Pentagon chief: US considering slowing exit from Afghanistan

Oil-gas panel suggests consulting role for local government

Hadi, once-quiet leader of Yemen, strikes newly defiant pose

Cuban cigar makers anticipate big bucks from US travelers

News Guide: What the FCC's 'net neutrality' vote means

Putin surveys the map as he ponders next move on Ukraine

Lawmaker with lavish decor billed private planes, concerts