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Fresh fighting in Tikrit as Iraqi forces advance

US conducting airstrikes to help Iraq retake Tikrit

U.S. court authorizes Citigroup to process Argentine bond payments

Iraq request for U.S.-led Tikrit air strikes 'imminent' - diplomat

Iran says US drone kills 2 advisers in Iraq US denies claim

Houthi forces attack air base near Aden

Iraq request for US-led Tikrit air strikes 'imminent'

After US airstrikes, Iraq troops start final push for Tikrit

Boston won't proceed with 2024 bid unless residents in favor

NEWS GUIDE: The crisis in Yemen as president flees Aden home

Official: US-led aircraft flying over IS-held Tikrit

Taxi driver arrested after Uber drivers intimidated in Brussels

U.S. to hold mediation talks after Washington state police slaying

1 person killed when tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Arkansas

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia building up military near Yemen border - U.S....

Exclusive - Saudi Arabia building up military near Yemen border: U.S....

Iraq special forces advance in Tikrit, US coalition joins fight

Saudi-led forces strike Yemen rebels, blockade ports

Police: Auditor spokesman left note before apparent suicide

U.S. wants detailed deal with Iran but hints at flexibility

Saudi Arabia moving military equipment near Yemen border

Montana ski area back in operation after Saturday evacuation

Western banks axed 59,000 jobs last year, more cuts to come

Iran nuclear talks continue as deadline looms

Warships move in key strait as airstrikes widen in Yemen

GM to make next-generation Chevrolet Cruze in Mexico

Internet outages reveal gaps in US broadband infrastructure

Looking for a job near home? Good luck, it's getting harder

NCAA says it will monitor impacts of Indiana religious law

Foreign investors buy UK firms at fastest pace since 2007

Pickle butts and dog food: Chef Dan Barber shows off waste

NEWS GUIDE: The gaps as Iran talks hit crunch time

Air strike kills at least 40 at Yemen camp for displaced

Nigeria's Buhari gains early ground amid vote tally fears

Iran and six powers entrenched as clock ticks to nuclear deadline

Colleges getting out of health insurance business

With Lee's passing, Mahathir is last of SE Asia's old guards

Russia's rich forego some luxuries but still back Putin

Former Israeli Premier Olmert convicted in new corruption case

Major trials prompt calls for cameras in federal courtrooms

Nigeria's military pushes extremists before elections

AP Investigation: Slavery taints global supply of seafood

AP Investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear

Mexican laborer slain by police in U.S. faced swiftly crumbling life

Police, politicians push surveillance post-Boston

'I'm gay': NBA player Jason Collins breaks barrier

Vegas, Macau help MGM Resorts beat 1Q expectations

US, Russia and Iran work to save Olympic wrestling

US new home sales up 2.3 percent in April

Benitez's Chelsea stint ends with 5-3 loss to City

Census: Rural US loses population for first time

Syrian rebels reeling from loss of Qusair

AP IMPACT: Commander of Nazi-led unit lives in US

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Cheap translations, but not replacement for humans

Crime doubts persist in Brazil ahead of events

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village

BofA leads banks up S&P 500 index ekes out gain

NY state senator charged with embezzlement

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: 'Ticos,' songs and cheese

Pakistan's Sharif gets resounding election victory

Syria rebels, regime troops fight in Aleppo prison

Prince Harry salutes war dead at Arlington

Rios Montt: From army to dictatorship to courtroom

French protest against gay marriage turns violent

Today in History for May 4th

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

SKorea to withdraw workers at factory in NKorea

Spike in violence in Iraq has echoes in the past