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Islamic State recapture parts of northern refinery city Baiji

Iranian support seen crucial for Yemen's Houthis

Insight - Iranian support seen crucial for Yemen's Houthis

Iraq's Shiite fighters desert over shortages

Iraqi army retakes western town seized by gunmen

Bombings, shootings in Iraq kill 19 people

Al-Qaida's Iraq head defies boss over Syria fight

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

Sunni militants capture Iraqi city near Syria

Shiite cleric urges Iraqis to defend country

Once on the edge of defeat, Syria's Assad runs again for president

Fighting rages over Iraqi town north of Baghdad

Iraqi military failings pose challenge for anti-IS war

Lebanon's former PM returns from exile amid crisis

Iraqi Kurdish president asks parliament to prepare for independence vote

Obama's Iraq aim: contain, not destroy, extremists

Iraq headed for chaos unless politicians unite, U.N. says

Iraq's al-Maliki facing discontent in election

Obama could be mired in Iraq for the duration

Building coalition for Syria action no easy matter

Kurds battle Islamist militants closing in on Syrian town

US warns air power cannot save Syrian town from IS

Syria jihadists accused of 'execution' war crimes

Iraq attacks kill 13 people, as 2013 toll tops 5,500

Special Report: Amid Syria's violence, Kurds carve out autonomy

Iraq turns to Sunni tribes, but distrust remains

Iran boosts military support in Syria to bolster Assad

Clashes in Syria rebels seek foreign intervention

Shiite leader: Sectarian attacks are 'genocide'

Iraqi forces, Kurds, gain ground against Islamic State

Assad's Syria truncated, battered _ but defiant

Special report - How Mosul fell: An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

Special Report: How Mosul fell - An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

Special Report: The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran

Car bomb kills three outside Iran envoy's residence in Yemen

Iraq's al-Sadr visits church, site of 2010 attack

Shooting, bombings across Iraq kill 14

Shooting, bombings in Iraq kill at least 24

Syria talks set to open amid low expectations

Syrian troops push into strategic rebel-held town

Insight - Islamic State crushes and coerces on march towards Baghdad

Fifty-three blindfolded bodies found in Iraq as political leaders bicker

Kurds seize Iraq oilfields, ministers pull out of government

Iraqi army presses Tikrit assault as lawmakers scramble to fill posts

Iran rejects U.S. action in Iraq, ISIL tightens Syria border grip

Al-Qaida breakaway pursuing an Islamic state

Iraq's Maliki steps aside, paving way for new government

'Just a few strikes': Iraq militia wants help from old US foe

Sunni leaders open to joining Iraq government

Iraq needs more than new government to address woes

U.S. scouts for Sunni allies on the ground in Iraq

Syria Kurds battle jihadist advance as thousands flee

Assad's army stretched but still seen strong in Syria's war

Yemen government signs peace deal with Shiites

Yemen sets curfew as fighting roils capital

To stem extremists, Iraq to reduce Baghdad's power