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Sunni officials in Iraq say Shi'ite militias kill 70 after IS rollback

Shiite militia accused of Iraq village massacre

IS suffers 'devastating' blows but biggest fighting still ahead

Yemen risks disintegration as south rejects Shi'ite group's takeover

Yemen risks disintegration as south rejects Shi'ite group's takeover

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Iraq on edge after deadly raid on protest camp

Clashes in Syria rebels seek foreign intervention

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Special Report: How Mosul fell - An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

Special report - How Mosul fell: An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

US warns air power cannot save Syrian town from IS

Kurds battle Islamist militants closing in on Syrian town

Iraq turns to Sunni tribes, but distrust remains

Iran rejects US action in Iraq as ISIL tightens Syria border grip

Iraqi troops dig in, bolstering Baghdad's defences

US sends carrier to Gulf as Iraq insurgent advance slows

As caliphate declared, Iraqi troops battle for Tikrit

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Iraq headed for chaos unless politicians unite, U.N. says

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Iran boosts military support in Syria to bolster Assad

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US warns of new generation of global terrorists

Islamic State beheads, crucifies in push for Syria's east

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Obama could be mired in Iraq for the duration

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Building coalition for Syria action no easy matter

Militants launch social support in an Iraqi city

Sunni militants overtake part of Iraqi town

IS jihadists execute more than 40 tribesmen in Iraq's Anbar

No direct combat for Iraqi Kurds in Kobani, ISIS loses ground in Iraq

Assad's Syria truncated, battered _ but defiant

Iraqi forces, Kurds, gain ground against Islamic State

Car bomb kills three outside Iran envoy's residence in Yemen

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Iranian support seen crucial for Yemen's Houthis

Iraq's Shiite fighters desert over shortages

Islamic State recapture parts of northern refinery city Baiji