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Gas prices set to rise

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Exporters struggle to meet Asia's beef demand

Pressure on new minister from Qld graziers

Cattle go, Joyce stays, after Australia caught spying

Indonesia opens gates to more live cattle imports

Cambodian shoe factory collapse kills 2, injures 7

Indonesia lifts bar on cattle, beef export quotas

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Unions back PM ahead of final sittings

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Consumers happy to vent at food supply chain

China courts documentaries as it limits expression

Islamic State's financial independence poses quandary for its foes

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Live cattle quotas up to Indonesia: Rudd

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China housing slump sparks fears for economy

Thai military rulers appoint anti-Thaksin advisers

Chinese meat importer inks $1 billion deal with WA processor

UNHCR, Amnesty International condemn Cambodian refugee resettlement...

Choppy waters feared for Scottish fishing as vote looms

Africa must reform energy sector to boost growth: IEA

Billion dollar Australia-China cattle export deal

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Ambassador says Indonesians need more beef

Live cattle exports to Indonesia set to soar

Violence abates in Vietnam as US warns China for provocation

Hate preacher had jihad 'manual,' US court told

Buffalo duffers could 'shut down' Vietnam live export trade

Indonesia issues Q3 permits to import 167,000 cattle

Australian sheep get high and die on toxic weed

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Agriculture ministers lobby to restore live trade exports

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Increased livestock export fees an act of 'bureaucratic bastardry'

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Indonesia flags changes to importing beef

Indo land plan will be joint venture: govt

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