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Kerry says Cyprus dispute begging for a solution

Extremist's Misfire Foiled Attack in Paris

Somalia seeks to drive militants from southern valley bases: PM

Somalia seeks to drive militants from southern valley bases: PM

Impoverished Africans sail to Europe despite the deadly toll

Palestinian police now in Jerusalem suburbs after Israel ban

The Iron Lady set to win Iron Ore battle!

Cuomo in Cuba

Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

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Big savings through Microsoft deal

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NSW Cabinet to meet over ICAC mining probe

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Privately owned daily newspapers return to Myanmar

Tattoo industry revamp to stamp out bikies

Londonderry cops stop IRA mortars in van, arrest 3

Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58

NT and Canberra clash over booze curbs

7 years later, Puerto doping case comes to trial

WA's road toll reaches 'horrific' level

Bulgaria links Hezbollah to bombing of Israelis

Funerals begin for 233 killed in Brazil blaze

Brazil nightclub fire prompts regional reaction

NSW govt anti-binge drinking ad criticised

Iraq considering BP for work on Kirkuk oil field

Ireland won't ease drunken-driving law for farmers

18 charged after bikie gang brawls on Gold Coast

Legislation to address alcohol abuse in the Pilbara

Al-Qaida-linked Syria rebels hit Christian village

Anger over police patrol changes in Civic

Police minister warns Fremantle pubs over grand final celebrations

New rules to tackle 'bad apple' home builders in NSW

Former Australian leader condemns US gun culture

Clash over sex worker rights in rural Australia

Citizens' jury about to start tackling Adelaide's street safety concerns

Call to review extraordinary licences after serial drink driver caught...

Egypt forms committee to amend constitution

FIFA sets 2014 World Cup ticket prices in Brazil

Three months to surrender unlicensed firearms

Woodside gains federal approval to develop the Browse Basin gas field

Spanish train crash driver charged provisionally

Spanish train crash driver charged provisionally

NSW Firearms Registry under review

Gloucester CSG opponents vindicated by ICAC criticism

Singapore vows to hunt down Anonymous hackers

Tough banned drinker laws slammed as draconian

Trail bike riders put pressure on to expand off road tracks as accident...

Saudi women in top council want debate on driving

London to become hub for China's yuan

Iranians mock Israel PM's jeans remark on social media

Russia, India sign weapons deals worth billions

Biases on beauty draw Thais to illegal surgery

COAG ditches national licensing scheme

Angola denies banning Islam after outcry

Govt supports ICAC mining recommendations

Woolworths criticises WA liquor licensing laws as confusing and...

Brawls spark licensing row

Malaysia eases auto curbs to woo foreign makers

Pakistan plans 3G licence auction by March: government

Gun prices, sales up in Jordan over Syria war fears

Queensland's plan to crack down on wild parties branded 'anti-fun'

Man charged with posting 'Anonymous' symbol on Singapore website