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Liberia reschedules senate vote for December 20 despite Ebola

UN chief visits Ebola-ravaged West African nations

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Ebola-hit Liberia delays election until weekend

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Mali: Last known Ebola case has recovered

UN chief kicks off tour of Ebola-hit west Africa

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Massachusetts doctor cured of Ebola returning to Liberia

Guinean capital bans Christmas, New Year celebrations

Australia's Ebola treatment centre set to open in Sierra Leone

House searches for Ebola in Sierra Leone capital

Sierra Leone to start house-to-house searches for Ebola patients

Pulitzer-winning photojournalist dies in Liberia

US embargo stalled payment to Cuban Ebola doctors

UN says Ebola-hit nations at risk of hunger

UN chief says will leave Wednesday for visit to Ebola-hit countries

Sierra Leone goes door-to-door to fight Ebola surge

Donors and WHO responded too slowly to West Africa Ebola outbreak - report

Sierra Leone cancels Christmas as Ebola crisis deepens

Guinea-Bissau reports suspected Ebola case

Ebola: 11th Sierra Leone doctor dies fire destroys supplies

U.N. chief, visiting Ebola countries, urges respect for health rules

No need for U.S. army help in Sierra Leone Ebola fight - Britain

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Sierra Leone's leading doctor dies of Ebola

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Ebola centres overflow as Sierra Leone steps up fight