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Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

After 70 years, over 40 percent of Germans want closure on Nazi past

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 2 points - poll

Ahead of election, Labour leads Cameron's Conservatives by three points -...

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour before May 7 election - TNS poll

Ahead of election, Labour narrowly leads PM Cameron's Conservatives - poll

Labour leads Conservatives by 1 percent point ahead of election - poll

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 1 point - YouGov poll

Germany restores 'Arbeit macht frei' gate after Nazi original stolen

Fight racist demons, top EU lawmaker says at Nazi camp ceremony

Scottish Labour leader could lose own seat, poll finds

Poland's President Komorowski edges up in poll as election looms

Labour's Miliband wins final TV debate of election campaign - poll

Labour and Conservatives tied ahead of election - poll

Britain's opposition Labour Party hold narrow poll lead - Populus

Labour extends poll lead ahead of May 7 election - YouGov

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of election - YouGov poll

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

Philippines says Muslim rebel who backed IS group has died

Amid tensions, Chinese premier meets Japan delegation

China says to accelerate reforms to support yuan in IMF currency basket

Egypt to demolish headquarters of Mubarak's old party

Report: Violence growing in central Mali 2 years later

Blacksmith creates replica of stolen Dachau camp gate

Chile's Bachelet signs same-sex civil union law

Clinton's 2016 White House launch contrasts with her 2008 bid

Sudan begins voting in election boycotted by opposition groups

Philippines to file cases against 90 rebels over commandos' deaths

Egypt upholds Islamist ex-presidential candidate's jail term: sources

Israel says to transfer of frozen tax funds to Palestinians

Cameron's party leads one pre-election poll, but others suggest race still...

China calls on Dalai Lama to 'put aside illusions' about talks

Philippines says leader of a splinter Muslim rebel group dies

It's up to Dalai Lama whether he'll be reborn, Buddhist leader says

Islamic State withdraws from Yarmouk camp, Nusra remains - residents

Islamic State withdraws from Yarmouk camp, Nusra remains: residents

South African opposition leader steps down

Hillary Clinton surprises with early attack on CEO pay

Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP bets on new voters to exceed threshold in June...

South African opposition leader Zille to stand down

Poll says Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron absent

Google accused of cheating competitors

Clinton Kicks Off 2016 Campaign in Iowa

Japan ruling party panel summons media bosses over news shows

Hillary Has Support of Hometown Mayor

Christie tries to turn things around as 2016 race looms

Japan and U.S. ministers to meet for trade talks before summit

Japan PM Abe's bloc wins two key governor races, bolstering policy push

With focus on re-election, Polish PM puts reforms on hold

Anniversary of President Lincoln's Death Honored

Poll says UK's Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron...

China calls on Dalai Lama to 'put aside illusions' about talks

Islamic State gains ground near capital of Iraq's Anbar province

Greece mixes defiance, compromise as lending deal slips away

Cameron no-show puzzles Britons at last election debate

Ex-US Sen. Griffin, who hastened Nixon resignation, dies

Finally, Congress OKs bill reshaping Medicare doctors' fees

Trade talks in Tokyo get push from 'fast-track' deal in US

Egypt sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader, others to death