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Weak demand in Asia calls for more stimulus

Abbott COS Credlin on drink-drive charge

Qld MP says he'll be next premier

Poll says Katter won't get a Senate seat

Bracks right man for US job: Gillard

Investigator denies harrassing Labor MP

Labor coy on candidate for South Australian seat of Elder

'She called me fat': Hockey

Plibersek casts doubt over menu 'joke'

Energex, Ergon power merger proposal smacks of secret privatisation plan,...

Reply sneak peak of savage cuts: Wong

Budget was wasted opportunity: Howard

China skeptical of expanded US role in the Pacific

Labor surplus plan can't be trusted: oppn

Plastic shopping bags banished

NSW opposition backs premier's gay stand

Federal government has Qld in its sights

KAP backs Palmer's new political party

There's little hope of the budget saving Labor

Tasmanian MP labels Thatcher a 'war criminal'

WA Shooters, Fishers miss out on 2nd seat

Bachelet: Chile left's hope in presidential vote

Giles always had eye on NT's top job

Australia gets first Aboriginal government leader

New NT leader is historic: federal leaders

NT chief minister changes govt policies

IR floodgates open on Colin Barnett

Same-sex vote used to pressure Abbott

Tough penalties for home invasions proposed

Shorten takes aim at Labor pessimists

Rinehart puts Downer on Lakes Oil board

Barnett accuses Labor of grubby campaign

Liberals elected in landslide victory

‘Gillard factor’ blamed for Labor's election loss

WA premier delays cabinet announcement

WA Labor ashamed of name: Barnett

Hanson attacks 'most extreme' government

Qld rules out bringing back fuel subsidy

WA Labor promises another 500 police officers

Lawyer says mandatory sentencing "crazy"

Greens hound Buswell over WA light rail

Fiji's UPP party dissolves

Fixed election dates change the game

Marginal poll delivers bad news for Labor

Abbott jumps starting gun on campaign

Mixed response as second Senate seat still in doubt

Perceived Labor support cuts Katter votes

Aussie election barely rates US coverage

SA premier to reflect on election results

Coalition misleads like Hitler: Katter

Opposition seizes on government dispute

We'll have deadly power in Senate: Katter

Bookie declares opposition win in Aussie election

Labor holds on to five out of six SA seats

Steve Bracks NY posting scrapped

ACT post-election economic forecast draws fire

Knitters needle Abbott at the ballot box

Protesters add colour to NSW booths

Coalition looks set to hold 90-plus seats

Promises and challenges: The road ahead for Tony Abbott's Government

Labor hanging on as Liberals chase Bendigo upset

Australia's likely new PM not particularly liked

Howard gets good vibes from NSW voters

Tony Abbott to have carbon tax repeal legislation drawn up immediately...

Robb not worried about China cap talks