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Yemeni protesters in Taiz dispersed after Houthis seize city

Houthi forces attack air base near Aden

Shiite rebels take control of Yemen's third largest city

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Yemen is being pushed 'to the edge of civil war': US envoy

NEWS GUIDE: The crisis in Yemen

Syrian rebels seize historic town in south: monitor

Syrian rebels seize historic town in south - monitor

530 years after death, Richard III honored before reburial

Aden: Refuge of Yemen's president and target of his enemies

Shiite rebels call for Yemen offensive as US troops evacuate

Ukraine leader fires powerful oligarch Kolomoisky as regional chief

China tightens grip on discourse, ideology

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Libya army chief vows end to militias this year

Jailed Nobel's wife pens open letter to China's Xi

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China questions Japan rule over Okinawa

French finance chief hails easing off austerity

US calls for NKorea amnesty for sentenced American

Fighting in Syria, Hezbollah charts risky course

Maduro certified as election winner amid protests

Venezuela crackdown deemed worst in years

House passes GOP bill to halt Labor Board action

Plea hearing set in NM judicial bribery case

Mercedes: Suspension not beyond reach of F1 rules

China's Xi caps rise to take on myriad challenges

New pope tied up in Argentina's 'dirty war' debate

Pakistani tribesmen pushing Taliban to talk peace

Obama attempting to change face of the judiciary

Kenya vote commission cites Bush v Gore in defense

NJ professor's quixotic quest to be Iran president

Kenya elections observers to enhance transparency

Alleged multiple rapist wants bail again

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Tunisia Islamists say no new gov't as crisis grows

In Vietnam, rage growing over loss of land rights

Former athletes urge illegal IOA officials to quit

Gillard takes swipe at Rudd's takeover

Syria is said to be hiding weapons, moving troops

Analysis: U.S. strike on Syria could derail Iran president's master plan

China's Xi evokes Mao targets critics, corruption

Tens of thousands call for Tunisia govt ouster

Cambodian opposition threatens general strike

Egypt Brotherhood youth reach out across ideology

Kerry at 'Japan's Arlington' in US war shrine nudge

China recycling cleanup jolts global industry

Arab world searches for democratic future

Coalition has talented women: Bishop

Chinese politician Bo Xilai gets life sentence

Navalny shakes up Moscow mayor campaign

Cambodian opposition: Probe vote or face protests

Analysis - Iran's supreme leader does not rule supreme

Clashes erupt as Islamists push back in Egypt

Sharks accused of secret financial deals

Cronulla says secret bank account not used for 2011 supplements program...

AP Analysis: Iran president may help shield rulers

ACCC warns migrants, visa holders about deportation scam

'I Am Legend' author Richard Matheson dies at 87

Egypt says diplomacy has failed to resolve crisis

In new Israeli-Palestinian talks, gaps remain wide

Panel: UN reliance on private security firms grows

Damascus regime adamant Syrians alone will decide future

Extremist groups hobble Syrian peace negotiations

20 years after Maastricht, EU in quest for new Big Idea

Egypt: Protests, tight cordon set for Morsi trial

Christians mourn Cairo shooting that killed 4

S. Korea election meddling scandal threatens Park

Escaped Florida prisoners grilled: Who helped you?

Sudan's Bashir talks 'reform' after party dissidents split