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Turkey lashes out at pope, EU over Armenia genocide comments

China warns Taiwan opposition as it names presidential candidate

New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

Walker's Wisconsin budget shows his conservative ideals

California officials may declare end of Disneyland-linked measles outbreak

Washington state school district removes 143 students over vaccine law

Guam attorney general orders gay marriage to move forward

Florida governor fights Obama administration over healthcare funding

Tennessee plan to make Bible 'official' book derailed

Thai PM hails progress, says he doesn't want to stay in power

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NY Senate leader vows to cooperate with prosecutors

Group wants to bring back Native Hawaiian burial traditions

AP EXPLAINS: US measles outbreak that sparked debate

California vaccine bill stalls will come back next week

Houston Police Chief Responds to Deadly Chase

Officials react after concerns over Islamic law nix proposal

Deal or not, many US states will keep sanctions grip on Iran

Deal or not, many U.S. states will keep sanctions grip on Iran

Shop: Ban of those who nixed gay rights bill served purpose

New York questions big retailers over 'on-call' staffing

24 new HIV cases reported in Indiana outbreak, 130 total

Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush alliance sours in GOP primary faceoff

Clinton campaign to focus on economic security, opportunity

Wash. set to release draft rules for pot industry

North Dakota governor names new labor commissioner

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Miami loses votes for 2 Super Bowl bids

Some unions now angry about health care overhaul

Daley set to challenge Democratic governor in Ill.

Debate over social issues emerges

NY state senator charged with embezzlement

Same-sex couples welcome Del. gay marriage law

Cooling off bills get chilly reception in Senate

Calif. Dems push wide-ranging gun control bills

Arkansas Legislature approves steel mill funding

NC official: MetLife breaks could shut out others

Fla. to spend nearly $400,000 on gambling study

Obama Vows to Fight for Planned Parenthood

New analysis: Oil tax bill could cost up to $5.7B

Colo. immigrant driver's license bill gets 1st OK

Arizona weighs unemployment tax break for churches

Lawmaker seeks Super Bowl liquor sales in Minn.