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Geneva Conventions invoke rights of Palestinians

Election date means more uncertainty

IOC to choose 2020 host, new president and 1 sport

Gay marriage rulings in 2 US states build momentum

Venezuela eyed as Snowden seeks asylum

State Dept Can't Confirm Snowden Request

Snowden walks free in Russia to US anger

Protesters to Congress: Get moving on immigration

Rights group raises alarm over migrants in Qatar

Argentina to hold last-gasp debt talks with mediator Tuesday

Group of 157 asylum seekers arrives at Cocos Island

Australia 'adrift' without climate policy

Australian PM says won't bow to 'moral blackmail' over asylum seekers

Arkansas issues same-sex marriage licenses

East Ukraine irregulars sign up to fight rebels and Russians

Romanian opposition MPs challenge new government

NRL waits for Flanagan and Elkin

Rwanda court's forgotten men pose challenge to international justice

Bahamas fends off critics over new migrant rules

Ashes from US Ebola victim's apartment in limbo

Sex offender refugee in legal limbo, judge says

Riverina MP urged to take action on children in detention centres

Spanish savers fall victim to friendly bankers

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

5 years later, US terrorism case in limbo

Gay couples ask appeals court to reject Utah stay

Government confirms 157 asylum seekers bound for Curtin

Thai court sets date to rule on PM's abuse of power charges

U.S. judge calls Argentina debt swap plan 'illegal'

Snowden's father in Russia, hoping for reunion with son

Crowdfunding counters France's culture of caution

Thousands march in US for immigration reform

Experts fear Dominican ruling could cause crisis

Some NBN areas in communication limbo

US sides with same-sex couples in Utah

Immigration backers plan push for reform

Snowden hits hurdles in search for asylum

Fervent foes devote their lives to fracking fight

Bloomberg says he'd veto proposal for NYPD monitor

India court upholds actor Sanjay Dutt's conviction

Maine man convicted in Zumba prostitution case

AP Exclusive: Shutdown hurt 37,000 immigrant cases

Refugees in Nepal condemned to 'hilly prison' by visa fines

South Road resident fights compulsory acquisition offer for Darlington...

Woman jailed for watching volleyball in Iran on hunger strike

Immigrants in limbo over Obama immigrant rules

Today in History for November 7th

Clock ticks on authority for Guantanamo detention

Party leaders spar over Senate rule changes

Syrian refugees in Egypt swept up in turmoil

Irish PM: Abortion activists send letters in blood

Cuban travel in record numbers a year into reform

Nebraska ruling mires Keystone XL in legal limbo

Legal fight for Nauru asylum seekers

Now a 'simple pilgrim,' Benedict resigns papacy

Polish exports of meat for Jews, Muslims in limbo