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Protests after Burundi leader is nominated for a third term

Burundi president nominated by ruling party for third term

Firebrand, survivor face off in UK's wildest election race

Eurozone express hopes that Greek criticism will bear fruit

Rios Montt: From army to dictatorship to courtroom

French protest against gay marriage turns violent

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Catholic bishops condemn Irish abortion bill

Italy parliament fails again to tap president

Lawmakers urge oversight of drone program

Czech president: Treason charges are political

Allende's legacy strong 40 years after Chile coup

White House talks fail to end government shutdown

Immigration backers plan push for reform

Senate approves Obama-pick McCarthy to head EPA

Irish lawmakers back bill on life-saving abortions

Greek Parliament axes funding for far right

Bailed-out Portugal to make new cuts in 2014 budget

Israeli election downplays Palestinian issue

Hugo Chavez's allies re-elect legislative chief

Republican Party seems as divided, angry as ever

Berlin airport delayed again, sparks embarrassment

Greek protesters target German officials at event

Israel considers resumption of Gaza assassinations

Greece outlines new austerity as debt load rises

Clinton boosts Obama in rousing convention speech

Anti-gay laws, attitudes hold sway in many regions

Car bombs, clashes kill 21 civilians in Iraq

Crash of Iranian-built plane leaves 39 dead

Thousands of Israelis protest war's failure to halt Gaza rockets

Eclectic mix makes up new European Parliament

Left opposition leads Greece euro vote

Underdog in Egypt race tries to woo young voters

In Mexico, oil reform clashes with World Cup craze

Population swap idea angers Israel's Arab minority

Insight -The signals that opened Renzi's path to Italian power

Hungary's prime minster readies for elections

Israel's parliament toughens referendum-on-peace law

Former Spanish prime minister Suarez dies at 81

Philippines Congress dismisses impeachment motions against Aquino

European Parliament tie-up complicates Cameron's reform push

Mexican senate starts discussions on oil reform

Spain lawmakers set to approve king abdication

Cyprus parliament turns down privatization bill

Conservatives push agenda at Japan's public TV

Sturgeon: Workaholic driving Scotland's independence campaign

US trade pact in spotlight as new EU Commission faces grilling

Hong Kong democracy protests: Live Report

Nobel peace panel in focus as 2014 awards begin

Colombia's ex-President Uribe grilled by lawmakers

Insight - EU parliament flexes muscles despite sceptics' rise

Israel's parliament votes to dissolve itself and set March 17 election

Aquino rejects call to annul US-Philippines forces agreement over murder...

Maths works against Greek premier in presidential gambit

Before US, gay marriage accepted in parts of world

Spanish medics blame budget cuts for Ebola infection

India's Modi orders party to rein in pro-Hindu agenda

Informal patrols on Turkey's border with Syria

Charlie Hebdo to publish Mohammad cartoon on front page

French MPs to debate recognition of Palestine