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U.S. top court rejects challenge to Wisconsin voter ID law

Local bill on Muslim tribunal in Texas stirs sentiments

Chilean fishermen, police clash over new law

CDC: 11M fewer uninsured since passage of Obama's law

CDC: Uninsured drop by 11M since passage of Obama's law

Utah brings back firing squads

Ted Cruz to buy insurance via Obamacare, a law he vows to scrap

Obama: Affordable Care Act 'Saving Lives'

Uninsured rates drop by over a million since Obama's law

New law opens access to adoptees' birth certificates

Indiana religious objections bill signed as dispute swirls

Manila's Aquino urges Congress to push ahead with Muslim autonomous region

Arkansas governor says he'd sign religious protection bill

Dispute Surrounds New Indiana Religious Law

Turkey passes tough new security law, raising fears of election crackdowns

On 5th anniversary of health care law, no end to debate

Clarification: Utah-Firing Squad story

President cheers Obamacare on five year anniversary

U.S. law enforcement investigating Rep. Aaron Schock's campaign funds: CNN

Gruesome US case highlights fetal homicide laws

U.S. law firm rallies Tesco investors to join lawsuit

Republican House passes budget to erase deficits

Indiana senator: 'Baby box' proposal needs further review

Report: Racial disparities in arrests persist with legal pot

NCAA says it will monitor impacts of Indiana religious law

Indiana lawmakers to revisit 'baby boxes' bill in 2016

FACT CHECK: GOP budgets rely on higher taxes to balance

FACT CHECK: Higher taxes to balance GOP budgets

Attack on pregnant woman complicated by abortion politics

Critics worry firing squad law will tarnish Utah's image

VA says it will relax 40-mile rule for private medical care

China's Xi says miscarriages of justice must be tackled properly

Sen. Menendez defiant amid reports of looming indictment

Indian court rejects ban on 'offensive' Internet messages

Senate OKs budget plan battles with White House loom

Slain civil rights activist to receive posthumous degree

Argentine president says Citibank must make bond payments

EU agency may advise airlines adopt two person cockpit norm: source

Argentina sees a 'scam' in Citigroup debt deal