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Sons of Egypt's Mubarak to be released on bail

Alabama seeks to stay order overturning gay marriage ban

Ousted Thai PM to face criminal charges

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Judge: JCP can sell Martha-designed goods for now

Lindsay Lohan vows her troubled past is behind her

Brazil protesters, police clash near match

Freedom trumps money for conman Forster

Disputes brewing over Hugo Chavez's inauguration

Hugo Chavez's allies re-elect legislative chief

China tightening controls on Internet

Samsung: Apple trying to limit consumer choice

Gay couples' rush to marry in Utah grinds to halt

Security scare delays trial for Pakistan's Musharraf

Thailand warns people to stay away from protests

Brad Pitt attacker slapped with restraining order

US judge strikes down Arkansas execution method

Key events in Egypt since the 2011 uprising

Putin plays cat and mouse with Russian online critics

Regional water authority envisaged in latest Detroit bankruptcy plan

Rebel leader Kony "hibernates," evades jungle hunt

Wisconsin judge puts same-sex marriages on hold

Ski war over EU law rages on French slopes

Knox stunned by guilty verdict, vows to fight conviction

Portland immigrant takes sanctuary at church

Lawyers quit in protest at China graft activists' trial

Colombia court reinstates ousted Bogota mayor

Judge says 'unfair' to jail ex-NFL player accused of rape and drug counts

Malaysia Opposition leader faces sodomy ruling

US serial killer set to die after court reverse

Appeals court halts enforcement of Arizona abortion drug curbs

CDC releases revised Ebola gear guidelines

Arkansas, Mississippi gay marriage bans overturned

Stories from NJ homeless camp going before judge

Captain of wrecked cruise ship on trial in Italy

Pakistan cricket board chairman briefly suspended

Uneasy Gulf states weigh US-Iran overtures

Security, military police dominate Honduras vote

Choking allegation made against Zimmerman in court

Lohan is no-show in Venice

Argentina's latest bond swap offer has no end date

Egypt's president stands by his decrees

Brutality of Syria war casts doubt on peace talks

Jerusalem's secular Israeli minority showing life

Court suspends ruling allowing Musharraf to leave Pakistan

US judge strikes down Florida gay marriage ban