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NT Minister's $45,000 bill for New York trip questioned by Labor

Freddie Gray's Family Calls for Peace

Bangladesh mourns anniversary of garment factory disaster

Riots in Baltimore raise questions about police response

If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon

If Greece falls, no one wants their prints on the murder weapon

Jamaica woman brings attention to rapes targeting lesbians

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Today in History for May 4th

Gillard takes vote pitch to western Sydney

Melbourne late night booze ban extended

House passes GOP bill to halt Labor Board action

Gunmen raid 4 newspaper offices in Baghdad

Born in war and poverty, youth don't abandon Iraq

Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Rights groups: Zimbabwe police intensify threats

Territory rejects PM's stand on alcohol controls

Chris Brown returns to court for probation issues

Bring back banned drinkers register

Egypt's women fighting back against sex assaults

Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway

Christians in Holy Land, Mideast celebrate Easter

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Researcher: Zombie fads peak when society unhappy

Tunisia Islamists say no new gov't as crisis grows

Qld Government extends Drink Safe precincts trial

NFL agrees to pay $765M to settle concussion suits

Oil climbs to highest in more than 2 years

Xenophon demands Papuan trio explanation

Cambodia opposition rallies in push for poll probe

Egypt launches new assault against Sinai militants

Assault-style Weapon Used in Chicago Shooting

Labor infighting must end: Shorten

Rancher sentenced in case of murdered US nun

Study finds dire work conditions on Thai trawlers

Israeli lawmakers pay rare visit to Ramallah

Abbott to announce crackdown on guns

Top cop wants booze ad ban during TV sport

Abbott rubbishes Rudd's global boat fix

Ireland to pay $45M to Catholic laundry workers

Vandalism fails to shake coexistence in Arab town

China's footprint grows in Zambia

Govt moves to restore worksite watchdog

Syria interior minister wounded by bomb last week

Israeli election downplays Palestinian issue

Jason Mraz tops Myanmar anti-trafficking concert

Tempers rise ahead of vote on Egypt charter

Pope worries about gap between the rich and poor

SAfrica's ANC party to choose leader amid turmoil

Egypt opposition alleges vote fraud in referendum

Analysis: Egypt's Islamists tighten grip on power

Twin car bombs near Damascus kill 34

Greek protesters target German officials at event

Xi takes China's helm with many tough challenges

Lonmin to SAfrica strikers: Work Monday or fired

Suspect IDed in Quebec election rally shooting

Brazil risking reputation on World Cup, Olympics

Troubled rapper Chris Brown gets new penalty

Cape Town mayor is criticized for Mandela gesture

Two candidates claim victory in Honduras election

Brawls spark licensing row

Bishop condemns WikiLeaks party meeting with Assad

AP WAS THERE: Mandela's release from prison

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AK-47 designer Kalashnikov wrote penitent letter