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Foreign tourists posing nude at temples infuriate Cambodians

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NM eyes opening deadly prison riot site as museum

Khmer Rouge leader denies charges of genocide

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Fresh protests in Cambodia over disputed poll

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Court to start genocide trial of top Khmer Rouge leaders

Experts look at Cambodia's Khmer Rouge trial

Khmer Rouge leaders jailed for life

Cambodia opposition ends year-long boycott of parliament

Genocide trial of Khmer Rouge leaders begins in Cambodia

Cambodia moves on, but still yearns for 'killing fields' justice

N.Korea crimes on par with Nazis, Khmer Rouge: UN probe

Cambodia loans rare Khmer sculptures to National Gallery of Australia

Nobel laureate Ahtisaari to assist Sri Lanka war crimes probe: UN

Director taking figurine star to Oscar festivities

Cambodia's Oscar-nominated director in fight for history

Khmer Rouge leaders lodge appeal of convictions

Convicted Khmer Rouge leaders face genocide trial

China, Vietnam to address maritime disputes without using 'megaphone...

China, Vietnam to address maritime disputes without using 'megaphone...

Court hears Khmer Rouge slit prisoner throats, ate organs

Khmer Rouge's Ieng Sary dies amid genocide trial

Cambodia mourns as 'King-Father' Sihanouk cremated

Third navy commander, Malaysian charged in bribery scandal

Ex-Khmer Rouge leaders 'killed for power'

Khmer Rouge trial hears closing statements

Trial of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge leaders nears end

Cambodia opposition seeks foreign support in poll row

Cambodian opposition rallies for second day after protest death

Analysis: Punished at the polls, Cambodia's long-serving PM is smiling...

Cambodian opposition makes gains in elections

Thousands rally as Cambodian opposition demand new poll

Cambodia's Oscar-nominated director in fight for history

Unit Citation goes to Cambodia comms unit

Mass grave raises ghosts from the past

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Asia's old communities vanishing amid rapid growth

Khmer Rouge diary: 'Everyone works like animals'

Cambodia hails Khmer Rouge verdict amid future trial fears

Tribunal in Cambodia sentences two top Khmer Rouge leaders to life in...

Two Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of crimes against humanity

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New research shows military and organised crime plundering Cambodia's...

Cambodian migrants flee Thailand

Body believed to be missing Canadian found in Cambodia

Court lists charges for next phase of Khmer Rouge trial

N.Korea crimes on par with Nazis, Khmer Rouge: UN probe

China rejects North Korean crimes report, hits chance of prosecution

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Khmer Rouge court adjourns genocide trial until next year

Khmer Rouge leader hospitalised during genocide trial

Today in History January 7th

German anti-Islam leader steps down after posing like Hitler

Critics dog Cambodia's leader as he marks 30 years in power

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Death coming before justice for Khmer Rouge regime

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Khmer Rouge leaders apologize to victims' families

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